Paint + polyurethane for wood floors

kashka_katApril 2, 2013

Its looking like my old fir floors are so thin from previous sandings and trashed that paint is about the only option at this point is paint (while I save my $$$ for eventual floor replacement). I've seen some great pics of painted floors - solid color and patterned - and love them for vintage houses. have some questions about the various methods -

Paint with poly top coat - does it have to be water based poly over latex paint? Id prefer to use oil both for durability and because I went thru a bit of a learning curve in how to use varathane a couple years back - and achieved excellent results with it. Also the amber tone would look good with colors I have in mind. Would I have to use oil base paint?

Stain with poly top coat - instead of paint how about a semi-opaque stain - love the Cabot exterior deck floor colors but was told I should not use exterior stains indoors because of chemicals used for waterproofness. How can I duplicate the effect with interior products? (I don't like the minwax colors or any of the common off the shelf brands - and I don't think I can get the degree of opaqueness I want.)

Porch floor paint - Ive seen a lot of this on porches that just doesn't hold up all that well - any suggestions re: what product? Are there the same issues with exterior paint chemicals?


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Scuff sand it to get rid of the top finish.

A couple of coats of enamel paint topped with the appropriate clear floor sealant. Use oil-base if you prefer it.

The trick is to let the floor cure really well before using it heavily, and re-coat with the clear before the color coats start showing wear.

If you have a patterned floor it shows wear less than a solid color, and even less if you intentionally distress it a bit. I don't remember where I saw it, but one floor was done with several layers of different colors and then scuff-sanded a bit to let the "older" colors show through, as if it had worn through several generations of paint layers.

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Great idea about the multi colors - thanks! Ive seen furniture done that way and depending on colors used it can be beautiful.

What do you mean by "appropriate clear floor sealant" - would that be the polyurethane floor finish or is that something else?

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