May I see your black/gray/brown laminate countertops?

happymrshFebruary 25, 2010

Hi everyone,

I have checked the Finished Kitchens blog, but there aren't too many photos of laminates. If you know the name of your dark-colored laminate, may I see a photo? Choosing from those little samples is for the birds! lol

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Mine is Formica "Rosso Granite". It has dark brown, dark reddish and grey in it and is a pretty close "match" for the deco accent tiles on my floor and in my backsplash. The pictures are on the dark side (ha!), but my cabinets are being painted China White "as we speak". I loved the look of granite, the natural stones, and even concrete, but the price difference is going to be at least part of a trip to vinyards in Italy or France!!

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Here is mine. Formica 180fx Antique Mascarello

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Basalt Slate by Formica:

We have lots of light and I would do a dark color again:

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This is Labrador Granite Formica. It is one that I had considered.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Still under construction but this is Formica Radiance Mineral Jet. I had considered Mineral Olivine, which is beautiful and a great match for my floor, but I was afraid it would read too green in my kitchen. I'm doing half laminate and half butcher block for my counters.


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Mine is Wilsonart Ebony Star. I love it!

In son's bathroom:

In Kitchen:


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Here is Wilsonart HD Luna Night. I'm afraid these pictures don't show just how beautiful it really is in person. It is almost pure black but if you stand directly over it there is a hint if gray running through it. Like most HD laminates it has a small amount of texture.

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I put Formica Riverwash collection in Smoke Quarstone in my boys' bath- I really like the dark grey color.

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