Chores/Schedule for 11-12 year olds

laurels4uJune 27, 2007

Do you have a set list of chores and/or a summer schedule for your preteens to follow? If so, what does it consist of? I'm very curious about other parents' expectations for appropriate productive behaviors and responsibilities around the home.

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When my daughters were that age(they are teenagers now)they dusted furniture, vacuumed, washed dishes, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, swept floors, bring down laundry to the laundry room. I didn't have them scrub the bathrooms or wash clothes or the floors. I did that myself. They didn't care for the job and I prefer to do it myself. I didn't have them do all these things every day either. Vac every other day, dust twice a week, etc. I was never a neat nick myself. There are so many other things we could be doing them cleaning the house. Our house was always neat but not super duper clean. Still is that way now. NancyLouise

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Thank you for your reply! Those are the same types of things our DD and SS do in our home but didn't know if I was asking too much of them but didn't think I was.

What about a bedtime or morning wake-up? I am being met with huge resistance with in bed by 11 and up and moving by 9. Am I being unrealistic in those expectations?

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Hi there 15 yo son, goes to bed by 9.30pm and is up at 6.30am during school times. Although its exam week, this week, and he has put himself to bed by 9pm.

In holidays, I go to bed as usual, about 10.30pm and he goes soon after. He can get up when he wants to, in the holidays, unless we have to go out somewhere, I let him know the night before, and then wake him up.

Chores...he is expected to vacuum his room, pick up his clothes off the floor, do what is asked of him, collect the paper on Sunday (we have a very long, hilly driveway). Cook the occasional meal. He generally just helps out when he is asked to. Lately he has been chopping wood, after school, so we have a nice big pile of fire wood. (Its winter where I live) He is also expected to always do his best with his school work. I suppose I don't have many set, regular chores, I am happy with the way things are, as he is a very pleasant, co-operative child. Now, my DD, thats another story....but she is not living at home now !

Thats my lot.

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School is out now but when it was in session my 15 year old had a 9:30-10pm bedtime. My 17 year old had an 11:00pm bedtime. They both got up at 6am to get ready for school. They go to bed before 1am now and get up around 9am.
For your kids that I am assuming are out of school for the summer right now I think the 11pm and 9am times are fine. I was usually ready to go to bed then and I did not want to leave my kids up after we went to bed. For children the age of your 2 the bed times are fine. NancyLouise

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My boys are 10-1/2 and 14 in a couple weeks.
That night schedule, 11pm to 9am, sounds reasonable to me. I don't have a hard rule over the summer, but by 11pm I'm tired of them being up. ;o)

I don't have a chores schedule, either. I just ask them to do some chores every day. They unload the dishwasher, clear the table, vacuum, dust, clean windows, generally straighten up, empty trash cans, set out/bring in the big garbage/recycling bins, they mow and do yard work every weekend. I make a point of asking them to do 2-3 small chores every day. They are cooperative. I also ask the oldest to watch his 5 y/o brother sometimes while I run errands. I do not pay him for that, or any other chore.

I still have them read every evening. They don't do much else for academics over the summer. Though, my favorite punishment is to make them look up a word in the dictionary and write paragraphs defining the word and how it applies to their behavior. They've learned condescending, insubordinate, contradictory, compassionate...etc. ;o)

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Lol...Stephanie, I love your "punishment", that's the best !

You are a very sensible mum, all the best to you.

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I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mother who wants their children to be kind, cooperative, helpful, and responsible. I raised my daughter as a single momma for 10 years and had her on a schedule of chores and bedtimes. I was graced with another 10 y.o. when I married my husband and SS quite clearly is not used to either. So when I was confronted with defiance about going to bed or doing HH chores, I thought maybe I was being irrational. After reading all of your posts, I feel certain I'm not expecting too much.

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Household tasks, like taking out the trash or cleaning their rooms and helping to clean other living space are also appropriate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Child Wiki

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By 13, DD was expected to do her own laundry, maintain her own room, and help with chores around the house (helping clean, setting the table, doing dishes, etc).

On top of that, I was a summer school teacher. I expected (read--demanded) that she accompany me and help in my classroom. For that, I paid her a very nominal amount at the end of summer and took her out for lunch at a nice restaurant on the last day of school. It wasn't a choice--until she got a real summer job, I expected her to do something productive (helping in the summer school) with her mornings.

I think too few parents expect their children to pitch it--be it with chores, yard work, volunteering in the neighborhood, etc. It's so important that we teach them to be responsible, make good decisions and give back to their community.

But a schedule? It is summer. Other than the summer school being held at set hours, as long as the chores around the house got done, I didn't set out a specific schedule (might not allow her to go to the pool, if her work wasn't finished, of course)

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I didn't have chores. I now wish I did.

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hello all! i wanted to say that your all right. my daugter has been acting up and what not. do you think it is acceptable for her to go on facebook and video chat and stuff?

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