LRV values of Behr paint?

LisaHApril 6, 2010

Can anyone tell me where I can find the LRV values of Behr paint? The one I'm specifically interested in is "Wheat Bread". I've searched all kinds of ways and can't seem to find Behr LRV values.


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Lori A. Sawaya

Did you try looking at the fandeck index?

I don't have a Behr fandeck - think there's an old one somewhere around here, but know I don't have the new one.

Don't use Behr but usually that information is in the fandeck. Behr is DIY centric and not exactly a professional-type go-to paint brand so maybe they don't include LRV info. ???

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No, I've not looked at the fandeck. I just saw a photo of a room painted in "Wheat Bread" and thought it looked interesting. Is Behr okay quality-wise?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Behr's new palette is very pretty.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Is Behr okay quality-wise?

OK? depends on your definition. Ask 99% of the painting professionals if they would use it and you will get a big NO!

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Ask 99% of the painting professionals if they would use it and you will get a big NO!

Would you give me a reason for that? I've used Behr over the years and was never overly impressed with it; mostly I didn't like the way it went on.

It seems that every professional painter has a preferred brand. What characteristics of paint does a professional look for in paint that a non-pro wouldn't?

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Sadly, christophern is unlikely to respond with his reasons for dissing literally everything attached to the Behr name. He is the Potter Stewart of paint quality, he can't define it but he knows it when he sees it.

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Paint pro's have more of a purchasing culture issue with Behr/Home Depot than they do with whats' actually in the can. A painter is an arrogant person who does not have time to wait in the morning. Painters do not plan well so they will buy paint when their can/bucket/sprayer runs out on a job. Waiting behind three women at Home Depot hacks a painter off. Having to navigate six prompts on hold while attempting to call an order in at Home Depot hacks a painter off. Then the painter wants his "discount" which Home Depot does not employ. Thats 90% of painters' issue with Behr/Glidden in a nutshell and although they wont admit it, its TRUE!!

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coatings, I don't know if you are just trying to start a fight or what, but what you are saying is true but only to a certain degree. There ARE painting professionals out there that are simply trying to run successful businesses, and as I'm sure you must know, wasting time is not a profitable activity. I agree that some painters are arrogant, but you will find arrogance in any field. For you to claim that all painters are arrogant is absurd. It is in the best interest though for a painter to not waste time standing around waiting in the morning for anything, wouldn't you agree? I call my paint orders in to the paint store so that it is ready for me to pick up when I arrive. I also like to have my paint delivered sometimes for free. Both of these options are certainly better than going to Home Depot and standing behind Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith for 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with arrogance. I suppose that some painters do not plan well, but you can also not always perfectly gauge how much paint you will use on various surfaces. Some have more porousity than others, some coatings travel further than others and then if you are spraying, the tip size you are spraying with will factor in plus how 'blown out' the tip is will also directly affect how much paint gets used through the sprayer. Just because a painter runs out of paint does not mean he is a bad planner.

As for the culture at Home Depot, that is largely true, but this is not the fault of the painter at all. It is the fault of the huge company that created the culture. A lot of painters have adopted the 'Behr sucks' philosophy for sure and even if the paint itself is not that bad, they won't budge on their opinions. I have not quite gone that far yet, but I understand the viewpoint of those that have. When you are Home Depot and your plan is to take over the world, this is what happens, this is what you get and once you have established a certain reputation, there isn't really a method you can use to reverse it. You can make the best paint in the world if you want but because you are Home Depot, you are going to have a hard time selling it to the real pros forever.

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I don't know if you have figured this out already since we're now in December, but as mentioned above, you can find the LRV values of Behr paint within their paint fan deck. The LRV listed in my fan deck for "Wheat Bread" is 56.4.

Hope this helps.

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