19 year old and girlfirend

tbellJune 7, 2010

I am at my witts end, my stepson and his girlfriend are on my doorstep everyday. My step son doesn't live with us they live out on their own. Neither one has a job, they come and eat at my house , for supper, but here lately they have been showing up at morning , sleeping on my couch, then rade the frig, and stay on the computer. I don't want my hsubnd mad at me but I can't take it any longer, I can't keep any food in the house, we give them gas money to go look for jobs , and they don't, My other children are getting tired of seeing them lounge around the house. After supper, I tell them all kitchen is closed, and what does his girlfriend do, ask my son to get her something to eat after I have said no more eathing after supper. Help any suggestions

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This is your husband's job. Can you get on the same page with him?

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