concrete sealer not drying

guvnahApril 30, 2011

Hi -

I've been spending most of the last few years on the remodeling forum - this is my first time here.

I have a big porch. It was poured by the previous owners of the house in 1964. It was, I think, dyed at the time of pouring. We had to pull up astroturf & rent a giant buffer/stripper to get all of the surface goo off. We cleaned, stripped, cleaned, TSP'd, & scored it. We searched for a sealer that was not high gloss (hard to find) and came up with Coronado Final Finish Waterproofing Sealer Clear 21-10. It contains Xylene.

We applied with a roller per the instructions & within their temp requirements, no direct sun, etc.

The problem is that it is not completely dry in several spots. We tried to make sure we coated it with a thin, even coat. I'm guessing that there were probably some slight dips that collected more.

Question is: will this ever dry or will it remain tacky? It has not been a full 24 hours yet, but some areas are completely dry & have a nice low sheen finish exactly what we wanted. It now looks like we'll have to put a put a 2nd coat on to even out some roller marks where the stuff is not drying. Normally you have to 2nd coat within 8 hours. If you miss that window, we were told by the place we bought it we'll need to wait 14 days, lightly sand & then re-coat because it is solvent thinned & each coat will solvent bond into the previous coat.

I will say it's a beautiful finish where it dried, so we're extremely happy with the product. Just need to figure out how to solve this issue before the next coat.

Anyone ever worked with this type of product?

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is it not curing due to moisture under the concrete and hydrostatic pressure keeps it from drying? did you test or notice any 'wet spots' by covering the concrete floor with a vapor barrier for two weeks to check for moisture? just guessing....

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