I Have a Strange Request....Need the words to.....

katclaws_moJune 30, 2006

..... the Happy Birthday Song on PBS's Sprout.

My granddaughter is turning 1 on July 5th. She loves the shows on Sprout. Probably because they are shorter shows & segments with a lot of singing & songs. She especially likes when they sing the "Birthday" song because it shows all the show characters & the clapping.

It goes something like:

Happy Birthday (clap clap) to you

Happy Birthday (clap clap) to you

First you're 1 then you're 2, then you're 3, then you're 4, then you're 5, ??????

???? you've had a great year, you deserve a big cheer

Have a super, duper, wonderful, fun-derful, adorable, ????

????????? sprout-erific Birrrrrrthday!

Anyway, it goes something like that. I tried to tape it (no luck) and I tried to see if the words were on sproutlet.com. Nope, just instructions how to send in a card.

So, can anyone out there, whose heard this song (a million times, no doubt, if you have a little one) help me with the words. I would really appreciate it.

Honestly, the things grand-parents do for their grandchildren....LOL

TIA ~~ katclaws

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Well the 5th is over and we had to do the old stardard "happy birthday" song. Thanks, anyway

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Sorry this is late. Maybe you can use it next year. I took the words off of the show for my daughter's 2nd birthday.


Let's rock and roll!
It's a party!

Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!
Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!
Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!
Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!

First you're one
Then you're two
Then you're three
Then you're four
Then you're five, even six
And you're gonna grow more.

There's so much you've learned
So much you know
You had a great year
It deserves a cheer, so come on (hurray)
Way to grow!

Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!
Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!
Happy birthday (clap clap) to you!

Have a happy, a snappy
A super, a duper
A wonderful, funderful
Incredible, spectacular
Amazing, awesome
Terrific, sprouterific (oh, boy) bir-thday!

I've got nothing left to blow out the candles.


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