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Kitch4meFebruary 10, 2013

Love your kitchen!
Do you happen to remember the length of your sink wall and range wall?
How much space is between your sink and stove, is that where you prep? Is that adequate space for you?

Thanks so much!

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Thanks, kitch4me! We love our little kitchen too :-) The length of the sink wall is 8'9" but if you include the peninsula part add another 13 1/2 inches. The length of the range wall (measuring the countertop) is 7'4". We have a wonderful 4' wide pantry in the hallway now (where our bathroom used to be). Plus the cabinetry surrounding the refrigerator. 95% of all my kitchen stuff (including all the giant appliances) fit well. Before the reno, there was a wall where the peninsula was, no pantry and no full cabinet surround around the fridge. I'd guess 40% of my stuff fit - the rest was in the basement. Everytime I wanted to bake cookies or chop up loads of veggies, i had to dig out my appliances. So considering the size of the house and the restrictions of this old house (window placement and large pipes interrupting my pipe dream), I think this space is the best it can be, and it such a drastic improvement for us in both form and function. It makes me so happy to sit here and hang out in in the kitchen, by myself and/or with family and friends. For food prep I am golden now - the peninsula makes all the difference. When the big family comes over for celebrations, I send the aunts over to the other side of the peninsula to help with food prep, thus giving me my own space inside the U. If my house and budget were bigger, I would do the same thing but widen the sink wall another two feet or so, because the U can get crowded with too many cooks ;-)

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I don't know how I missed your response. I'm on here everyday! I was searching for my post to bump it up since I saw you posted this evening.
My kitchen is similar in size and I'm considering a u design. I'm glad you are so happy with it!
Thanks for the info!

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