Paint manufacturors/formulations for exterior stucco

lynxeApril 5, 2012

We plan to have the exterior stucco walls (and wood trim & doors) painted later this spring. I'm interested in suggestions on which manufacturers' paints to consider. Ditto on formulations. Related question: is it necessary to use special paints for the stucco? Or will any high-quality exterior paint suffice?

Given the difficulty of accessing some of the second floor- and attic-height areas of the house, we want to use the "best" (ie, longest-wearing) paint we can find in our area -- or at least, an excellent, high-quality paint. Those areas are not ones we'd be comfortable doing ourselves, and, any time they'd have to be redone, they would require scaffolding and, possibly, very long extension ladders.

Thanks in advance, everyone, for your thoughts & ideas.

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Man....I'm glad we've got steel-siding!!!
Kinda boring...yes...but almost bulletproof!

Stucco has to be repaired correctly/filled with same material ideally. Sometimes cracks have to be enlarged/undercut to "fix" them properly!

Stucco paints are more "Elastomeric" than regular paints. This means the binder-resin has more flexibility for natural-material siding.


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I'm in CA, where we have lots of stucco and Dun Edwards is very popular here. We did an addition and our GC will be using DE elastomeric paint for the stucco. I believe the current paint on our house is also DE elastomeric paint and it look very good after 11 years. Climate is important too. Things here in CA last much longer than in the Northeast ... the freeze-thaw cycles age things pretty quickly.

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