Ben Moore ARBORCOAT Translucent oil finish

tjburkeApril 30, 2014

Has anyone used this product applied to there house? I'm staining my house next month here on Cape Cod. I was going to use Flood CWF-UV5, but the supply house recommended the ARBORCOAT Translucent. Both are oil which I prefer.
Any advise is appreciated.

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I used an Arborcoat water-based stain for a small mahogany deck and steps. Never again.

Arborcoat is the biggest ripoff ever perpetrated in the stain business. Yes, it goes on nicely. Then it works for a couple of good rains and stops working. But the fun part is trying to remove Arborcoat so you can replace it with a product that actually does the job.

The thing is that you can't remove it easily or entirely using liquid strippers. It simply won't come out. Sanding is the only alternative, which has some drawbacks itself. Even then, traces of the Arborcoat remained.

I've asked pros, and none of them like Arborcoat. To me, that's significant.

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