Getting Reacquainted With Being A Parent

jenniferwMay 16, 2005

4 years ago, when my ex and I split up, I had a breakdown and left my children with my family while I went and tried to get over my issues and rebuild my life. I haven't seen them in the last 3 years due to certain problems with my family. My mother, who I hadn't seen in all that time, just died this past Thursday and her last wish was for me to be reunited with the boys. My ex, who is the father of both boys, has my oldest son who's almost 11 and my 4 year old is with my aunt. I got to see my 11 year old on the day my mom passed and I will never let him out of my life again. My family has expressed the wish for me to get to know my 4 year old and I'm more than ready. My 11 year old will be spending Saturday night with my fiance and I and I'm so excited. I'm just a little nervous seeing as how I haven't been a "parent" in quite some time. Do any of you have advice? What the heck do 11 year old boys like to play with/do? I'm nervous he'll be bored with me. lol

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Stories about him when he was little, video games (rent an X box or what-ever is new now, and some two/three people games) and your time are the best! Remember to start creating new memories and not to try to "make up" for the time by buying him.


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