Glue/Sizing/Primer? I don't know what it is!

celiaanneApril 27, 2010

I am taking wallpaper down in my foyer/halls, etc., using Dif for the process. I had no problem getting the "top" layer off and not too much with the liner either. Unlike other rooms I've done, there was no visible glue to be scraped off -- just a sticky, slimy residue after the liner was removed.

After wiping with warm water and then warm water and Dawn, the wall (just a test area) is still "tacky" feeling. Should this be a concern or might it just be "primer" that will be OK under the latex paint we plan to use?

Wall history: These were painted with a latex paint (as far as I know) by the PO, then I had them professionally wallpapered. I'm pretty sure the hanger used a sizing/primer on the walls, but I don't remember for sure.

I have read a lot of the posts on here regarding wallpaper removal, but I don't find anything that seems to be the same problem as mine. I would appreciate any thoughts/recommendations!

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It could be sizing. There was a time after drywall was invented that people kept on using sizing for drywall even though it was the wrong thing to use. It doesn't really matter what it is the walls are still sticky and you don't want to do multiple rinses, just use Gardz to be safe before painting.

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walls still sticky, I would suggest getting that stuff off first and then use your gardz primer. Rinsing, re rinsing clean water, changing water making sure it is clean all the time. Removing wallpaper can be a tedious job.
good luck.

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Thanks, again for the information.

As to the sticky/tacky walls, I have washed (with Dif, then vinegar and then fabric softener) and rinsed a test patch multiple times, and this area is no less sticky/tacky than the rest of the wall.....

I have removed others papers that were just thick with glue from several wallpaper applications, and it was nothing like this. It was glue, so rinsing, rinsing and more rinsing did the trick. This is not working here. The "stuff" looks clear, so I'm pretty sure it is sizing.

So, what happens if I rinse the walls thoroughly and then apply Gardz?

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The Gardz is your safeguard in case there is any residual glue left on the walls. Many of my stripping jobs turn out like this...rinse and rinse and rinse and still the walls are sticky. The Gardz will take care of the glue so that it won't affect your latex topcoat.

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Thank you, paintguy!!! I was hoping this was the case.

What a great resource this site is! Thank you to all the experts who share their knowledge.

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Just a follow up to my original post. We did a lot of the work of removing the wallpaper ourselves but hired a professional to finish the job (includng the painting) because of the sticky/tacky stuff on the wall and the hard-to-reach areas.

Our painter wasn't sure what the substance was either, but he said he would take care of it. I mentioned that I had seen Gardz recommended online, but he hadn't heard of it and looked a bit dubious about advice from "some guy" online.

Guess what he showed up with the first day of painting! Gardz. He said he researched the problem and found this was likely the best solution. (It is not that readily available in our area, so he had to go to several stores to get enough of it).

Anyhow, just wanted paintguy to know!

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