Typhoon Bordeaux kictchen ( help needed in selecting slabs )

skimFebruary 4, 2013

We have decided that we would like to go with the typhoon bordeaux for our kitchen. We have dark choclate cabinets. I have uploaded the picture of the slab which I am thinking for the center island. Please let me know, your ideas.

I am not sure, how to post more pictures, I will upload them in next posts.

Thanks for your time

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Nice slab. Take a good hard look at several angles to check for fissures. They're not common in typhoon b. but they do occur. Nice color. we liked it enough to make it one of our stock colors.

also let the fabricator know which part of the slab you want used for your island.

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Beautiful! I chose TB for the small vanity in my son's bath...the vanity is espresso, so similar to your scheme. It looks wonderful together. You will be pleased with the combo. That slab is gorgeous, love all the grey.

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we have a darker slab of typhoon bordeaux---love love it! Here are some pics!! Our kitchen design place took some professional photos--I have never uploaded them here before, enjoy! (these are semi stages for photos!)

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gorgeous! Love your granite.

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We installed leathered Typhoon Bordeaux Lite. It really is a wonderful granite to pair with espresso/chocolate/dark color cabinets.

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That is a great slab of Typhoon Bordeaux. We also have it in our kitchen and I absolutely love it! Just tell your fabricator which section of the slab you want where.

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Thank you all for the replies. christine40 and jerzeegirl, love both your kitchens. so different.. cant believe both are typhoon bordeaux.

we need three slabs for our kitchen. The one i uploaded first time is the only one left in that batch. I am uploading a picture of another slab, this is a new batch.
I like the first one. Thinking of using that for center island and the new slabs for rest of the kitchen. Not sure if it will look good that way or an even look will be better ?? please help

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I think using the first slab for the island is a great idea. I think you should use the 2 slabs from the same lot for your perimeter. I think it will be fine if your island looks a little different. A lot of times people do something different on their island anyway. I think it will look great.

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I find it very difficult to judge color on the computer. When I was looking for granite I first wanted White Delicatus. I found a slab that unfortunately turned out to be defective so I couldn't use it. It was a creamy white with mostly taupe and black. The granite yard got in another lot of White Delicatus and I was really surprised to see how different in color it was. It had a totally different tone - it was more gray and not creamy white at all. I don't think these two Delicatus would have looked good together.

Long story short - I think it's okay if the pattern is different - even quite different - but I think you need to make sure the colors of the two slabs are harmonious with each other.

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I am thinking that they might look good.. Center one being little lighter than the perimeter ones's and including a very light backslash might make a difference?

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