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bones-hobby2007May 26, 2007

What do you parents think is a resonable amount of money for a 15yr old girl. We give her $40 and she has $50 phone credit.

She attacks me at other times for more money and her friends get so much more! I don't really care about what so and so get, I told her we do it this way in our house.

We have mentioned the word JOB and she says she has tried and she tells me I am supposed to support her and that includes more money.

I feel burnt out as I am coping with an abusive and aggressive child who is obsessed with money

What do you all think?

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Stop giving her money. She needs to know how to earn it herself. A 15 year old can earn enough money doing odd jobs and babysitting to support any recreational activities. I agree you have a responsibility to support her. That means food ,shelter and clothing--not pocket money and a phone credit. Things must have changed since I was 15. During summer months I was earning $800/mth that meant working on a dairy farm during the day and babysitting evenings. That covered my clothes, recreation and college fund. I earned 5 dollars an hour and worked hard for every cent. That was an excellent wage 24 years ago. Teach her how to work and work hard. It pays off in the long run.

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Is that $40 per week or per month? If it's per week, then I would get to to write down everything she spends it on for about two weeks. If she's not wasting it, then maybe she does need more. However, I think you will find that she will see what the problem is if she has to keep track of it.

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How are her grades? If she's getting straight A's and you can afford it, I would give her more. If she's in the C minus or lower category it's obvioust that she needs to spend more time NOT spending money and phone minutes.
Ask her what she needs all that money for?
Linda C

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My mom put me in the car and drove me around town to fill out job applications.

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I think you have to sit down and work out what she is spending the money on. Maybe that isn't enough.

When my daughter was that age, I gave her enough for movie and food for once a week. I said I would pay for clothes, the ones she needed, not wanted !

My son 14, gets $25 a week, this pays for all he needs. I buy all clothes, which is difficult for him to even agree to getting new clothes ! He doesn't use his phone much, preferring skpe and msn to chat after school. I might add, with that generous $25, there is a agreement that he will do what he is asked to do (help around the house, clean his room, iron his school clothes, chop wood, mowing, always do his best at school).

When does she use all this phone credit, perhaps you could direct that onto skype.

Be firm, instill your rules and stick to them.

I am sure you are a wonderful mother !


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My daughter is also 15. I also feel like her social life is geting more than mine! I 'm finding it difficult to find people to hire under 16yrs. We don't live in a large subdivision or know many people with small kids needing sitters. I also did agricultural work at that age, but, I'm not familiar with what may be available around here. She wants a job and I want her to have one!

But, considering it may not happen until age 16, I like your idea of an allowance. Let's see, one movie= $4-9, food after or before= $5-8 (with tip), mall= $5-25 if letting her buy something, total= $15-42/week. hmmmm, you're onto something. Thanks

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