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nanny_1May 15, 2005

As a nanny i obviously have a lot to do with kids and have begun to use this site as a great resource to help me with the little challenges my charges present me with but when i was contacted the other day with regards to a childrens issue i just had to share it here.

A fellow nanny was telling me the story of her 'little sister' (im sure you are familiar with the program) who through her family situation was eventually put in state care. One week after her fifteenth birthday in a situation the state should/could have done something about, this gorgeous kid died. A petition has begun to change the system and ensure such a thing never occurs again (link at but more importantly read the stories, every parent (and nanny) should.

On a lighter note, thankyou for all the practical advice you have made available here it is endlessly useful.

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I went to, and got something like SIX pop-ups. Not my favorite end result.

Sad stories, of kids at risk who weren't helped that much by the state.

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