Need advice on painting formica/paneling backsplash

effiemyrtleApril 5, 2008

I have a backsplash that is formica - plus one wall's backsplash is part formica and part oak paneling where a desk used to be. The formica was placed over the paneling -there is no dry wall underneath. I would like to paint my backsplash - currently it is all covered with wallpaper, which I intend to remove. How should I go about painting the formica? What would be the best primer to use? Can I somehow smooth out the grooves in the paneling, so it will look more like a flat wall? Should I use spackling compound? Joint putty? A covering of some type? Help! There are corian backsplashes that now partially cover the formica, so it doesn't butt up against the horizontal surface.

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RustOleum has a new product made for painting laminate countertops. Have you heard of it? As this is made for laminate it may be your best (safest) bet.

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I would probably just use the old tried and true methods that you would use for painting anything slick. You will want to get all the wallpaper paste off first, then sand it very well with some new medium/fine grit sanding blocks, then prime with BIN followed by two coats of a high quality acrylic paint in satin or better sheen. You can fill the joints in the panelling, but I would make sure that it is nailed on really well first. I would first coat with some EasySand 20 just to fill the bulk of the grooves, then topcoat with Plus3.

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