Have you ever been walked in on...

mary11May 21, 2005

Yesterday AM my husband and I were in the middle of lovemaking and our only child (a son, age 10) walked in on us at 6:00 AM. He didn't see anything that I know of as the covers were over us, but it was a moment to remember! My quick-thinking husband told him to fetch him a glass of water and ice from the fridge as he had a "sore throat". Nothing was said, and we quickly got dressed. However, I think my son often gets in between my husband and I lately, doesn't want dad to sit next to me on the couch while watching a movie, does not like Dad giving mom a quick kiss or hug. We call him privately the "pant patrol". Has anybody else gone through this? Is it common at this age? PS my husband is also a wonderful, attentive father, and otherwise my son adores him, they are always doing activities together sans me on the weekends.

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Ever hear of the Oedepus complex? There is a definite period that kids go through when they are "in love" with their mothers and jealous of their dad's....perfectly natural....just the way it is.
Little girls do that too....usually at a younger age.....called the Electra Complex.
Linda C

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Can any of you actually say that there was a time in "your" life when you were "in love" with your mom or dad? Not that you did or didn't love them (they are your parents) but beyond the normal love we have for family members...do any of you actually remember being "in-love" with one of your parents?

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Time to change the door knobs to the kind that bathrooms have - the ones with the little locks that can give you some warning.

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We have never been walked in on, but at the age of 8 or so I walked in on my parents. I'm waaaaaaaay past 8 now, but I remember it quite well. My parents were not under the covers either! After putting themselves together, my parents came out and my mother took me aside for a chat about the birds and bees. It could be that your son thinks Dad is hurting you, so it's time to talk with him about this private moment between loving people. My husband could never handle the chat, so it fell to me, and I cannot say I did the best job in the world, but I did my best.

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Yes, but my daughter was three and she said "don't do that to her, you'll squish her guts out!"

I don't think that she remembers this at 8, and I daresay that I'm not going to remind her! LOL

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Wow, by the time I was old enough to understand what was going on, my mom and dad had separate bedrooms on different floors of the house. Not much chance of walking in on them.

I had no idea until I was a teenager that it was common for husbands and wives to sleep in the same room.

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The Oedipus thing is just a bunch of...well, never mind.

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Okay, call it something else. It's not uncommon, it's totally normal. Small children expressing jealousy.

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I was going to say a bunch of excrement...Who ever remembers actually experiencing that while growing up? It sounds like some kind of Freud or Kinsey theory. I don't know if you've read about their lives and work, but both of them needed to see a psychiatrist. If Freud was alive today, he'd be on a couch somewhere ;)

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winter unfazed...I agree.

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Children can get jealous of their parents but it's much more to do with the dynamics of the family causing denial of the child's emotional needs rather than denial of any sexual needs!? I've tried to keep an open mind about the whole oedepus complex thing, but i've now come to the conclusion... it's total crap! Use that intelligent brain for something more useful Freud!

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Time to get a lock for the bedroom door. A ten year old is also old enough to understand that one doesn't enter another person's bedroom without knocking. You should give him the same courtesy.

I don't think it's the Oedipus thing either. It is either a bid for attention and control or maybe he is just at the age where mom and dad being mushy and romantic is "gross" to him.LOL

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There was actually a study on the effects on children perceiving sex. Click on the link here to see it www.lemonparty.org

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Trolling, marylou? Do you know how magnets work as well?

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