Washed oak cabinets

puddyApril 2, 2008

Someone told me that our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are washed oak. They are a pinkish color that you can see the grain through. Since that pinkish color is wearing off around the knobs, I'd like to paint them white.

Does anyone know that these are washed oak and what steps would I use to paint them?

I am new at home repair and would appreciate any and all help.



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I have pickled oak cabinets (probaly the same as yours) and I just painted the one in my bathroom. I got the painting info from this forum.

I cleaned with Dirtex, sanded with fine grit primed with SW primer, then painted with SW Ivoire. I can't remember the exact SW products that I used but if you go to the SW store and tell them what your are foing they will sell you the correct products.

I took off all hardware first. It was pretty easy and it looks good.

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What you have are whitewashed, or pickled cabinets.

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Thank you both for your replies. I really didn't know what the finish was on the cabinets. Someone at work called them washed oak, but now i know they are whitewashed or pickled cabinets.

I'll go to the paint store and be sure to give the salesman the info so he can help me select the proper primer and paing. We just bought new hardware and I do know to remove it before painting. I'll probably remove the doors too since they are easily removed.

Thanks again.

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I just moved into a new house, and the kitchen cabinets are maple in a stain called "frost" -- no longer made, but the effect seems close to pickled oak. Kind of pinkish. puddy, please continue to post about your experience painting them. I'm considering doing this. I've heard that Muralo Satin Waterbourne is a great paint, but now I'm stuck chosing which color white. There are so many! My countertops are a kind of greenish/gray.

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I'm hoping to get started later this week. I'll keep you posted as to my progress and any problems I run into.

My husband replaced one of the bath sink faucets and drains last night but it's leaking so we have to resolve that before I paint. He's a newbie to home repair so it's been a challenge.

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