Cats and paint

jessand2boysApril 19, 2012

I have an elderly cat whose favorite activity is sitting in the windowsill watching the birds. I need to paint that particular windowsill soon, though.

Any suggestions for a specific fast drying paint or other ideas to make this go smoothly? I have a small house so keeping him out of "his" room for too long won't be fun for him.


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100 percent acrylic paints dry pretty fast and there are many good ones on the market. 3 or 4 hours drying time under normal drying conditions should be plenty.

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Ditto to what paintguy said. We had to adjust the color of some Clark + Kensington paint recently and were surprised at how quickly the sample dried.

My sympathy on the cat situation! I've been putting off painting my window trim because of my cats, and they're also the reason I'll be using C+K latex paint rather than the slower drying alkatex paint I used on my cabinets.

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A can of tuna, several new catnip mice, all in another room for a few hours.

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