which sand paper?

teresatreeApril 22, 2011

I need to paint and our walls have some places that were not done well by the builders. I sanded over them with what I had, but it didn't take away the defects, just made them shiny. I need to know what grade of sandpaper to use on my painted drywall.

Thank you.

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I use 3M's 100 or 150 grit. Remember though that sandpaper can't fix all. Many drywall flaws are there because someone skipped a coat of mud. If, after sanding, you can feel a dip with your hand, that needs to be filled with drywall compound.

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The sanding should make a surface dull...Too fine a sandpaper will "load up " quickly, maybe overusing results in a shiny surface ?? The Paintguy is correct,
Mud, and this is easy but laborious, so poor contractors stop short of a good job.

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Thanks guys! I went to the store to buy the sandpaper, prepared with my numbers, but they said fine, med or coarse! lol just my luck. I got the med sanding block. :-)

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