Found my granite - pls. vote on backsplash

rebeccamomof123February 20, 2013

Demo starts Monday! I feel like I've waited my whole life for this, clipping pictures, planning, dreaming - and all the sudden it's happening so fast! Here's a snapshot for those that don't already know me by now...
KraftMaid shaker style cabinets, painted dove white
Granite counters in white ice (see picture)
Kitchen Aid SS appliances
Oak hardwood floors
Polished chrome hardware
Walls, painted in BM solitude (a greyish blue)

And now for the final touches - backsplash!

I went today to tile showcase and loved the Bianco Carrara tumbled 3X6 tile. Beautiful, elegant, timeless.
But, it will blend as background more than anything else.

Then I saw a grey ceramic subway tile that looked amazing with the granite - pulling out all the tones I love best - but I'm not sure if it will be too dramatic. It will defiantly have more contrast and add a pop of color and depth to an otherwise very light/white room.

I need you to decide. My brain is rebelling against making any more kitchen decisions.

I'll post pictures of tile options in comments (because I don't know how else to post multiple photos without access to photobucket from work).

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Here is a photo with similar cabinets with the grey subway tile:

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Interior Designer Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

And here is an example, with similar cabinet and granite colors, with the tumbled marble subway:

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Divine Kitchens LLC

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We have a similar kitchen color combo going on! :)

Grey subways would certainly be dramatic. I thought about it but decided I wouldn't be happy with the colorblocking it would've given me. Tumbled marble would be gorgeous. If I wouldn't have fallen in love with the Silver Clouds subway I would have chosen a ceramic crackled subway. Tons of colors, although I was leaning more towards a creamy white. I've also seen some grey glass subways that look lovely!

Can't wait to see what you pick! And I love that granite!


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I vote for the grey subway tiles.

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You have a tough decision. They are both gorgeous! I like them both.

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I prefer the tumbled marble because of the variation in colors of the natural stone.

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laura mcleod

My vote would be for grey subways - but I am definitely a "one stone to a room girl" (I feel they often compete instead of complement)

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Another vote for grey subways. Love your granite choice, wow!

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Gray subway isn't considered overly contemporary, right? I like the contrast but just want to make sure it's going to look more traditional than contemporary. Anyone else with white cabinets and light counters with backsplash pics you can share?

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I like them both, but I prefer the gray subways. I think the choices you're making are tending towards transitional, but not contemporary.

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I'd vote grey from those 2 choices. However, have you thought of a white subway tile with a black (is it called?) pencil line? I think that would look nice as well.

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That very dark gray seems very trendy and contemporary. It feels like a wall of shiny stainless. Do you want the look of more gray when you consider your appliances? Notice how it's paired with a white range hood to give some relief of the gray.

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Not a huge fan of the gloss opaque gray subway tiles, and the tumbled marble is a bit traditional for your contemporary cabinets. I would vote for a gray glass tile.

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I am going through the same thing, my granite is called Lennon. I can't decide weather to go same granite for my backsplash because I don't want the two to compete. Although I think I like the tumbled marble of the 2. Would love to see what you decide.

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what about something a little more blue gray? This is from House Beautiful.

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I like that example, remodelfla. Again what appeals to me in this image is the variation in color.

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I like remodelfla's example, because of the variation in tone. What issue if house beautiful is that? I would live more info

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found it by googling blue gray subway tile. Here ya' go!

Here is a link that might be useful: tile

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Shaker white cabinets are contemporary? I guess I didnt realize that. I was thinking they were more traditional/transitional. My house is a 60 year old Cape Cod style and I live in New England so I was aiming for something that complemented the style of the home. I guess all the more reason to stay away from a more contemporary look with the backsplash. I think glass tile is going to be too contemporary for me.

Sylemrick, that granite is amazing!

I love the blue-grey, remodelfla!

It's funny, ao34, when I first started kitchen planning, I was dead set on going with a basic white subway - like I've seen in all the magazines. Simple, basic, goes with everything, clean and fresh. Never saw it with a pencil line?

Maybe I'm just overthinking everything. *sigh*

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Shaker style doors have that magic quality of flexing between contemporary and transitional depending on the color of paint/stain and accompanying finishes and fixtures. No other style of door has as much versatility (slab = modern, rail & stile/raised panel = traditional/transitional).

With your white granite and subway tile, I would see that as definitely more contemporary (not modern) than transitional. But that's just how I see it. And there is no right way, just 1) what looks good to you and 2) what will increase resale value, and #2 doesn't matter if you never plan to move (and if life doesn't throw you unexpected curve balls).

I definitely think you're overthinking it though. See my other thread, linked below. Look at my post about 2/3 of the way down and subsequent posts. It's about choices and happiness. Hope it gives you something to ponder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colors and Happiness

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LOVED the thread - thanks for sharing. I read the whole thing and it was a good reminder not to underestimate my gut. Also, it's so true about the study that says people with less options are more confidant in their decisions. The more I see the less sure I am about the backplash.

And, I might be confusing the definition of contemporary with modern.

I love all the insightful comments here. I've learned so much from you all! However, I'm still not sure what backsplash to go with :) Off to look at some blue grey tile tomorrow!

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Oh good! I think we all on this forum need some big picture perspective because we all get obsessed with the bewildering array of similar yet slightly different options.

Your "Found my granite" in the thread title suggests that your gut knew. Trust your gut.

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Love the subway tile look, and the color you picked. I also loved the blue gray remodelfla posted. The other one seems too much like the granite, and not enough contrast, but too much swirly-color blending. As for Shaker cabinetry - the beauty of it is that it really can go both ways - I have Shaker-style cabinets in natural light maple, and nickel hardware, making my kitchen look more contemporary. It depends on your hardware and other details (lighting, chairs, etc...) Here are some different looks for Shaker cabinetry :

Here is a link that might be useful: houzze

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