Child with acid reflux

sissyfranMay 1, 2008

Hi all!

I'm a new oldie to this website. I'm in need of advice. My 11 yr old DD has had a terrible winter with a bout of influenza, severe colds, stomach flu. After suffering with different aches and pains that kept her up at night, the doctor diagnosed acid reflux. It had gotten so severe that her esophagus is damaged. She is in constant discomfort and at times much worse than others. She is on prevacid, carafate, pepto and then I give her tylenol or motrin for pain. Nothing seems to be working. Blood tests haven't come back yet to show us anything different. She has the constant nausea, and the feeling something is stuck in her throat and a bad taste in her mouth. I've found out that these are all traits of reflux usually after it's gone on awhile without treatment.

We are now at the point where I have to force her to eat something, anything. She is scared of being sick for fear that is will make the pain worse and the condition worse.

I'm at my wit's end. We've got out tomato based products (she loves ketchup and sauces), chocolate, caffeine and foods high in fat. So what she eats is being monitored. I've explained to her that not eating is just as bad so she gets a bit down.

Any input from those of you who may have gone through this?

I would appreciate whatever wisdom you can offer.



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I posted about this a while ago. My 9 yr old son had something similar. Had a bad flu one winter that I thought came back. Dr. thought it was acid reflux. He would eat and vomit a lot. Found out he was lactose intolerant. We cut out dairy products and he seemed fine for months. This year he kept throwing up again. Dr. wanted to give him acid reflux meds again. I insisted on seeing a specialist. Found out it is nerves. He was usually throwing up at school and the dr. said it was stress at school. I talked to him about school and talked to his teacher and the principal about it. Now he has been fine. No vomiting and he is not taking any medicine!
Make sure that is what your daughter has, see a specialist.

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I think hers has a lot to do with nerves too. School has been awful. I think there is genuinely acid reflux as well but I think the stress at school has just heightened it all.
She had influenza right after a classmate's mother died from complications of it. Went into stomach flu, had another bout with a severe cold, another lighter case of flu. Topped off with all the bullying, etc at school, end of year major projects, and the transition to junior high and that's just the tip of the ice berg.
I have cut down on dairy just in case. Today she wanted to cut down on meds to see if she could work through it. The school play is now over so that will relieve some. She is not in nearly the activities others are as I know it would be too much.
Talking to teachers and principal hasn't done much at all lately. So we are just riding out the next 3 weeks. She's looking forward to junior high actually and a whole new group of people as her classmates will split between 5 junior highs. Sad but true.

Thanks for responding.

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My 16 year old has acid reflux. Now doc thinks it's her valve cuz she still had to take Rolaids with the Prevacid. Before this, she had the H.pylori bacteria and went on the appropriate treatment. She needs to eat something about every 3 hours or so to get rid of the pain in her stomach and throat.

I would send her to a specialist. Sounds to me that it's more than acid reflux.

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Be very careful about giving young people anti acids with aluminum in them. I can't find any without it, except for Tums. My medical doctor told me "do not every take anti acids". She didn't tell me why I am assuming it is because of the aluminum. Doctors usually tell patients that there is not enough in it to hurt you, but it's in almost all meds, especially flu shot and pneumonia shots.

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She takes the antiacids from a health food store. She says they work better too.

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We have an appt to see a specialist but can't get in until June. Over the weekend I saw an amazing difference. Stressors were going away one by one and each time I saw her react more postitively. Yesterday she actually ate some chicken and noodles. I'd strained the fat for the most part off the broth and she said it tasted good. Little burning and pain. Didn't eat a lot but I was very encouraged. This morning she woke up with no pain. I will still watch her closely but I think the stress was really getting to her and making it so much worse. She is taking only the Prevacid now. She had only 1 Tums over the weekend and cut out Pepto too.
I didn't realize about the aluminum. My husband wonders if she has a hiatel (sp) hernia. We'll see what goes.

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Chocolate and caffeine are bad for acid reflux too. So is spicy foods. My husband has a partial hiatal hernia and GERD. He doesn't have pain in the throat when he eats though!

Has the doctor checked her tonsils? When DD was 11, her tonsils were so swollen that she would choke when eating. So bad, that she was afraid to eat. She would wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath! I took her to the clinic twice and was given antibiotics. Finally, a family doc (now deceased) sent her to an ear, throat, and nose specialist who removed her tonsils and aknoids (spelling?). Her "tonsillitis" lasted for 3-4 months.

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Her tonsils have looked ok and she had her adnoids out at 5. She has continued to improve so I am hoping this is how it will go. She has started to introduce some foods back in and see how it goes. One at a time every couple of days.
She did cut out chocolate and caffeine.
Only a couple of flare ups and she has learned to try to relax and can tell the difference in how that makes her feel. Poor kid, the stressing has just been passed down to her.

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Hi I am a 14 teen year old teenager that has been struggling with Acid Reflux my entire life. What your describing definitely sounds like acid reflux, don't let anyone tell you differently. A lot of the time I don't want to eat, because your daughter is right it is painful and uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable to live with. I know you don't want her to stop eating but don't force her to eat. If she doesn't eat right away she will. I have found that if my parents tell me to eat something, most of the time it makes me not want to eat something even more. If she does say she is hungry but in pain I have found that cold foods help. I often eat popsicles, little containers of peaches or applesauce that I put in the fridge and sometimes just drinking ice water. It soothes the esophagus an stops the burning. Now let her know that the symptoms wont always be 100% there but most of the time some type of symptom will always be there. Some days you wont feel a thing. Other days it will be awful. Some tricks that I have found help is to elevate the top of her bed on bricks. This keeps her head above her stomach and stop the flow of acid when she sleeps or is laying down. Don't lay down straight away after eating. Try to have her stay in an upright position for an hour after eating. Also I have found that drinking an 8 oz glass of apple juice before bed helps knock down the acid. Also as a girl who is growing and going through the pain of acid reflux, expect that she will have some moody days. It is not fun to go through and sometimes you need your space. Lastly, I know it can get confusing with the many different medication but I would like to tell you to not give up I have been on 15 medications and none of them have worked and now I have found a miracle medicine called Aciphex. It has helped both me and my father, who also suffers from Acid Reflux. I definitely recommend asking your doctor about it. Hope this helps.

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I have Acid Reflux. Here are somethings that I use daily to keep mine at bay. Take in mine I am not a doctor and my case might be differnt from your childs.

I was born with reflux, most of my young life I just had bad heart burn. after I had my 1st child our doctor talked to me about foods that i ate, and drinks I put in my body. learning that a lot of the stuff I put in Just came back out. with the help of my family we started takeing away some foods that might have made my reflux act up.
1st thing was anything this to do with any high acid foods. Meaning anything with a tomato base. I dont eat sauce on my pizza , I dont eat anything with the WORD tomato in it. but I can eat fresh toms . and Never have a prolem . I dont drink soda's, coffee , or anything with red dye #7. IE : some kool-aids. I stay about from anything that has a lot of spice in it.

later in life I learned to sleep at a 45 . helping to keep the acid down. I will tell you it does work. I dont drink alot of milks. for that i turned to silk. after awail u will like it alot better. and it is healthy. I dont eat candys , or high fats . like chips ect. I dont eat anything after said time in night. that give my tummy time to rest before i go to bed.
If I happen to eat something that is spicy or have high acid in it And eat it after my set time at night and sometimes before , come 2 to 3 am I am sick. We have went as far as keeping a trash can in our bedroom just in case I have bad attack. I am not on any meds. but I will say talk to ur family doctor. And one thing I can tell you Lots and lots of water. hope this helps...

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