Are my cabinets being painted the right way???

ailene54March 8, 2012

Hi,We're having our cabinets painted, and would like to know the proper way of doing this, We knew the person who's doing it for us prices were high, but we saw his work and it was flawless, unfortunately it was in his own home and now we're afraid he is giving us a different kind of job than expected. The cabinets are oak. He's spackling and sanding them 2 times, already said some areas are going to need 3 X because of the grain. He's using 2 coats of paint, he said because of all the spackling 3 is no longer necessary. (he told us 3 but it's not in the contract). He's not using a top coat of poly and said he never said he was (DH and I both remember, but it not in contract). Please tell me how many coats of paint are needed and if a top coat of poly should be used too. We are replacing the doors, and am using soft closing hindges for doors the drawers are regular, we are afraid of chipping without the poly. Thanks in advance for your help!

PS is there any way of preventing chipping on painted cabinets? How long should the painting last? I'm quite anxious and feel I made a mistake by painting, do you think I did??? You can tell me the truth, it's not a problem...but it is to late for me to stop, my granite is being installed tomorrow. He plans on doing the painting after the granite so they weren't damaged by the install.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

1 coat primer, 2 finish coats, no poly needed or recommended
chipping cannot be avoided

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FORGET any Poly coats!!!

* From a technical standpoint, paint needs to fully cure before "trapping" it under a sealing coat(s) of Poly!!!
* Depending on many home-environment factors, and the paint/color ITSELF, proper curing CAN sometimes be a MONTH.
* Poly-coating done too soon can lead to wrinkling, cracking, etc. of the paintcoats.

Chipping is almost inevitable.
The better the paint and prep, the lower the odds of it happening though...


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