using Gardz. over paste??

datura-07March 1, 2011

I have spent five days removing wallpaper from my guest bedroom. I have scrubbed, steamed, used the green scrubbie, very hot water but I still have paste on the wall. It looks like rubber cement. It doesn't even scrape off.

History: put wallpaper on and it started to come down. Called paint store and decorator said she would order more. Then she even came out and helped me repaper the room. That was twenty years ago so I do not remember what type of paste we used. I'm wondering if she brought a different paste than I bought for the first time. Did the two react and is that what is causing my headache???

I just finished a bathroom (I'm sure we used the same paste) and I just wiped the little paste off that was left. Did another bedroom two years ago. It was from the same store, but that paper itself was a terrible job - not much paste left.

I'm having rotator cuff surgery next Monday and have to finish it this weekend or it will stay this way for months.

Can I just apply Gardz and not worry about the paste on the wall???

Appreciate any help you can give me. thanks

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Lori A. Sawaya

Maybe the paste stained the wall and what you see isn't leftover paste - just its footprint. If there's nothing to scrape off, if it's smooth, if it's as clean as you think you can possibly get it - then my guess is yeah it's time for GARDZ.

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thanks for the fast reply.

It is paste, you can see it from the side when there is light put on it. It doesn't scrape off but when I put the steamer on it, it softens up and kind of balls up (like rubber cement) when I use the green scrubbie on it. The scrubbie was caked with stringy stuff.

When I used the steamer to get the paper layer off, I did my best to scrape but nothing would come off. It's very frustrating.

I just don't have any more time to spend steaming and washing down the walls.

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Is there any area of it that is currently dry? You could try sanding it off with sandpaper.

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Thank's for the reply grayings. I did try sanding it but it caked up the paper. Yesterday we had a knockdown finish applied. Today we paint an oil primer on it and tomorrow is the regular paint job.

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It could also be sizing. I know it sounds weird but when people used wallpaper sizing on drywall before hanging the paper, when you try to strip the paper with mass amounts of moisture and scraping you can start to remove the sizing layer. The sizing usually balls up and it very difficult to remove completely.

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