Muralo paint - can an older color formula be recreated?

nippy2March 11, 2013

We used Muralo Ultra semi gloss waterborne enamel paint for trim in 1994. I want to use the same trim paint and color as I repaint our living room, but don't have the name of the white color.

The formula is written a little differently from today's: 7592 - 1
L - 4
C - 1
Printed on the cover: 759212E104

The front label reads: Ultra Semi Gloss Enamel, Waterborne, Durable tile-like finish. 7592 Custom White (formerly 750).

Can this formula be recreated to produce the same shade of white for our trim?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Yes, if you have a Muralo dealer to take it too. If not any good paint store should be able to match it, if you have any left in the old can.

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Unfortunately, the paint has separated and dried to a thick chunk. Cannot even get a stick into it to try to stir.

I will ask the Muralo dealer today about re-creating an old formula

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That's so little formula...5 shots total...that I'd probably shoot it as is into their closest current paint series.

On 2nd thought....I might shoot it @ 75% of that formula, and see where it takes me!!
It's a little bit of Brown, & some Yellow-Oxide.
It may even accidentally be the formula for an existing color-name of theirs!

>>> Realize however-
You've got a TWENTY yr.-old color!!
Paints & colorants have changed A LOT!


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You can also call Muralo directly if the dealer is no help, and a real human will answer the phone.

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