So, what's your style?

patty_cakesFebruary 28, 2014

Do you follow a particular trend or style that's popular to your area? Lodge/western states.. Antique, ferns, flowers, floral fabrics/southern states. What if you're in IL, Ind, MI, or any other midwestern state, Traditional?

Don't care and do whatever your heart tells you to do? That's the road i've taken, so guess it's true about a 'rolling stone gathering no moss.' when talking decorating. ;)

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I'm in illinois and as far as I know, there is no particular style here. It's whatever you choose. I like modern but grew up with traditional decor.

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I live in Virginia but grew up in N.C. My dh grew up in Alabama and then moved to Tenn. so we both love things associated with the south. I love antiques and things that evoke memories of earlier times. My decorating style would probably be considered eclectic. I love modern country, primitive and traditional style.

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My dad was army so I grew up all over. I live in N.Ca. now in a 1926 French revival house. I think my syle is influenced more by the house than by the general location. Fortunately, I think my general tendency toward French and American antiques, transitional upholstered pieces and flea market-eclectic stuff works reasonably well with the house.

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I live in southern California where much of the architecture is of no particular style. I would describe my interior decor as eclectic traditional.

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From the time I was a child, probably due to books, this sort of thing was always my dream home. I loved the cozy feel, the sense of "welcome home", warmth and safety inside, cold and awe outside. So my style is cozy, rustic, barn-y…

Here is a link that might be useful: A dream house

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I don't buy into trends for the sake of being trendy and have lived in many places in Canada as well as in Europe so have collected decorative things from many places. I now live in a rural area in western Canada which is ranching and lumbering country and at one time we had a small ranch so have a few rustic things such as a steer hide, a burl table, a collection of wood carved accessories, and original paintings of local scenes. However the basic foundation of my decorating style has always been traditional. It's become somewhat eclectic in that I like unusual and one-of-a-kind things and has evolved over nearly 50 years to be what it is. Which could include almost anything I am attracted to! LOL My style will continue to evolve possibly toward more contemporary style furniture in the future.

I describe my style as Casual/Traditional/Cottage/Country/Eclectic.

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I'm southern - in Tennessee, but I don't see alot of floral. I'm also probably eclectic/traditional/cottage. Lean more towards casual - definitely nothing formal.

I decorate for us - and the things we love. My husband and I do both have a love of antiques, but I don't associate that as being southern.


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I grew up on the Great Lakes in Michigan, with a summerhouse on Lake St. Clair in a little French town in Ontario, Canada. My first love is Cottage Style and always will be . . . but it looks very out of place, if not flat-out strange (LOL)!

Out here in the mountains of New Mexico you can go Cowboy Western, Spanish Colonial, a more rustic Mexican, Contemporary or Traditional . . . all with accents of the others, as well as Native American and Asian. This is a true mecca for artists, and with so much wonderful and diverse original art of all kinds readily available , we tend to buy a lot of it and a mix, to be sure.
I'm not sure how I'd categorize mine. Probably a mix of all of them, which is really typical Eclectic New Mexican!

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At this stage in my life, I am attracted to contemporary/modern and that pretty much describes my home. I live in the Midwest where the majority of homes I would describe as cozy, homey, a touch country, and cluttered. The older I get, the more minimal my home becomes.

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Tibbrix- I love that house! That could be my dream home too.

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I love all things old -- house and furniture. I live in the midwest and I hope my old house has a feel of English country. Things collected over time and layered. Some shabby (i.e. the chair leg that's been chewed on by a puppy) but mostly comfy with comfortable chairs, clocks, books, and things from travels on shelves and in bookcases. I must admit the last few years I've been editing and so things on tabletops are less and things that we hold dear are usually behind glass.


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I don't know. Honestly. It is evolving so quickly, I cannot tell where my style is, or where it is going to end up a year from now.

I've lived in rural cabins, so rustic was what felt right. I could not relate to the more modern designs emotionally; contemporary, not at all. We move to more traditional houses, but rentals don't inspire costly, complete style switches.

Then we bought a house: suburban, SoCal nostyle architecture, as Fun2BHere so aptly described. (I actually painted the interior walls so that they would look less like attached boxes, by carefully choosing accent walls that visually connect to other rooms and halls in the open areas. As odd as it sounds, our hall actually has a different color on the left wall than the right wall, for example.) This house pulled me into a more traditional style. The conversion is under way, I'm now embracing things I used to hate, but I am clueless where it is going. I took some online style tests, and they usually end up identifying my lean as transitional. (Is Transitional a catch style for All Over the Scale?)

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We lived in Missouri on a lake for a few years. I found some driftwood on the shore, put it on top of the TV and decorated it with "hillbilly statues (in a sitting position)". We then moved overseas and the "hillbillies" looked so out of place and native wood carvings and wood carved furniture took their place. So I believe that the area you live depicts what looks good in your home.

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I never understood people that would get rid of all their "northeast" furniture when they moved to Florida. We've changed out our living/family room furniture over the years, but I've had the same dining room furniture in all our homes and it looks great in all of them (ranging from a colonial in the northeast, an apartment in Asia to a Spanish style house in So. CA). Good quality, non-trendy furniture can look great in all home styles. I could take everything we own now and move it to any state/house and it would work, as long as we have a house with similar sq. ft. I don't let a State or house style dictate how I decorate, I pick things I like.

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When I was younger I gravitated towards a traditional style. Now I'm moving to a transitional style. I try to avoid trendy looks- chevron, ikat, and things that are all over Pinterest and done by every DIY blogger. I do love paisley, herringbone, stripes, florals, texture and color. I grew up in Ohio and live here now with a 5 year stop in SoCal in my 20's.

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Holly- Kay

I have lived all my life in South Central PA and from the time I can remember I always loved traditional, classic styles. I have the HGTV app and took the "what is your style" quiz and it always comes up English Country. When I browse through the English Country rooms I have to agree that it is the look I gravitate towards.

I love oriental rugs, hardwood floors, tufted furniture in leather or upholstery. I do like to see a bit of rustic and a bit of sparkle mixed in.

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I think the style of the house really does influence what looks good. Within mile of each other here, we have Victorians from the 1800s and mid-century moderns. The scale of the rooms and the amount and type of detail in the rooms is very different. I would make different decorating choices for each of those types of houses.

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I've had the same look for years, except I got rid of the retro style for my kitchen.

Mine is an english/french/country mixture.

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The type of home and where I live definitely influence my decor choices. I wouldn't like formal furniture in a beach bungalow. A large traditional dining table and hutch would look out of place in our open concept home. I wouldn't care for a Hollywood Regency look in a lodge. I feel like rooms tend to look kitschy or too themed and out of place when the surroundings aren't taken into consideration.

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I love "real" things...sterling silver picture frames and candlesticks, well made furniture and fine fabrics, English antiques, real art...but I don't like the overly decorated look of English country where there are ceramics on every horizontal surface and art covering most every square inch of wall. I like for my things to have breathing room. Plus...what I like is always I have to take my time since I sadly don't have an unlimited budget! :) I am definitely more traditional, and I live in the South.

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When I was younger I gravitated toward the traditional furnishings that I always admired in my Gramdma's house, but as I get older I more and more like contemporary/transitional. I grew up in a grand MCM house with eclectic furnishings, so I think my roots are influencing me. We're slowly changing our furnishings over, piece by piece, and this house will look very different when we've finished. Except for the living room, which houses many pieces of my Grandma's fine old furniture. They need reupholstering, but the style has stood the test of time, and it works in our formal living room.

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I guess we're mostly Early Yard Sale, with a bit of mid-century Junkyard thrown in!

I grew up in a house full of antiques- mostly New England-type stuff, so that's where my heart lies. In the early 80's, when my wife and I were just starting out, we furnished our house from antique auctions, so it is a mixture, but almost all antique.

Now, we're building our own house, essentially a small Craftsman Bungalow. I'm going to do some Craftsman touches inside, and we've been collecting period fixtures and hardware. I've bought two pairs of porcelain sconces for the bathrooms, and an Art Deco light fixture for the foyer. The powder room door is going to be on barn door rollers. I scored 10 5-panel doors for $10 each, so they will be used throughout the house. I have more than I need, so two of them are going to be used for paneling in a hallway. I found cast iron pulls off of type trays, so those are going to be used in the kitchen. We even have an original ceiling fan from 1907. All the stuff I'm collecting is original, not copies.

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Anita, I'm from Il, and did country first, gradually heading toward traditional as I got older. I had the idea is was more 'grown up', but did and still do like classic traditional.

Sis, it's the best of ALL worlds!

Crl, I understand completely! My house seemed to dictate my style/decorating also. It's in Tx, stone/brick w/a slightly French flare, interior and exterior. I needed to do a compete turnaround, coming from Ca. I can only imagine your 1926 French Revival, must be beautiful!

Fun, can I relate! Style is sorely missed on exteriors, and interiors are not much better. I did have stone on 2 of the houses, and the stucco condo was on a hillside, with a 'slight' Italian look. I was very traditional with a hint of oriental(still considered traditional), but wasn't into decorating books/magazines, yet!

Tribbrix, as much as I love looking at it, it would be too rustic for me to actually live in. Maybe a 2nd country home, in the mtns.

Luckygal, I hate trends too! A home that's eclectic w/ a hint of of another style or two is where you own personality comes in, and *your* home really is *your* home! It's not a wannabe picture in a magazine, or showroom floor. Leave that for those who haven't been'enlightened' yet.

Tina, how I love the south and always wished I could have been a southern
belle! I always *think* antiques, but know it isn't necessarily 'the norm'. New&old=eclectic!

Lynn, I've seen your house many times, and always love seeing it again! If I just 'happened' to live in NM, I think I would need your advice of decorating, for sure. You've git just the right mixture of brights and neutrals and it works, beautifully! Your 'mix' knocks the ball out of the park!

Mmmbeeer, Coors light? lol that's what I always described my home in IL, cozey and homey! I go 'home' every summer to visit friends/relatives, and the 'trend' still lives on!

Martha, simply put, (((warm and fuzzy))), like an old teddy bear.

Gyr_Falcon, your home will lead you, but don't be in a hurry. That way you'll save time and money as well as avoid mistakes. Don't buy all new or all old. Having a 'blended family' is the most liveable and gives the home it's own personality. Good luck with your Ca home!

Grandma(me too!), lol! It's true, your surroundings should determine your decorating style, if you *like* what is in your neck of the woods. Sometimes things can get carried away, expecially if you have free access to sea shells, sea glass, and driftwood, or the opposite, logs, antlers, and a lot of plaid fabric!

Chispa, traditional never fails! I started with it in Il, on to Ca, and am still using pieces in Tx, with antiques AND new things. It's the style you can 'trust'!

Corgimum, congratulations, you're a traditionalist at heart! You're home will always look beautiful!!

Holly-Kay, English country/traditional, there's such a fine line between the two, and they bend so well. Lots of printed fabrics, over-stuffed furniture, and of course some bling. So homey too!

Oak, like Lynn's home, have seen yours many times also~I could move right in! Your love for deeper colors, like my own, is something you either you love or hate. It's an obvious love for both of us! Huh, retro? Coulda told you 'it wasn't you'!

Nini, so you're the souther belle~can I live vicariously thru you?lol everything you said reads true, but I'll take exception to the 'expensive'. My silver, used as well as displayed proudly, was found mostly at auctions for very little. Years before,I had given all those wedding gifts away as I had not yet developed the 'appreciation'. While I enjoy a home with 'stuff'(think cozy)there can be too much of a good thing.

Fouram, my favorite mix, the old AND new! Grandma must be so very happy to see them in your home, making friends with the MCM! Any style can be combined with another, you just can't be afraid or think on it too hard. If you think it works, it does.

Lavender, what dreeeeeeeeeamy rooms! Snow White is one lucky girl. I can only imagine the garden, full of all kinds of different flowers, trees, of all different colors. And the house must be comfy with all things warm and cozy, including many a throw and pillows galore, a fire in the fireplace, and hot chocolate in a porcelain server w/matching cups. And of course scones, the orange/cranberry kind. Oh dear, I do need a nap, but hope I wake up.;)

I've enjoyed reading every post! In the larger scheme of things, our happiness is the only thing that matters. My happiness starts as soon as I walk into my home after having been away for a few days to a few weeks. With that 'feeling' it surely must be *my* style, and isn't that all that taters. Thank you everyone.

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I lean toward a mix of traditional and antiques. I like soft edges, warm colors, and anything that invites comfort.

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patty_cakes ---That way you'll save time and money as well as avoid mistakes.---

I'd settle for just not making expensive mistakes. lol Most of my regrets come from having to compromise with my husband for colors etc., and then I am but not satisfied with the results, but he likes it too much to let me change them.

I am lucky we do agree on most things, or can find a small degree of middle ground. But after enough compromising, the end result isn't nearly as thrilling.

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I am from the south, Alabama all my life, and I would have to say my style is transitional with a lean toward craftsman, but not strict adherance to craftsman. I have always loved silver, pewter, hardwoods, sumptuous rugs, a few antiques scattered around, colors found in nature and the outdoors, and to create a soft warmth with things we love but without a lot of clutter.

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Gyr_Falcon- Have you considered choosing a few rooms to decorate yourselves? Maybe a den for him and living room for you....or bedroom/study? It's more fun if you can create your own dream room and not every space has to be a compromise :)

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Well, it isn't really too bad, lavender_lass. We essentially did divvy up rooms--I compromised on a little on the living/dining area. He chose the brown colors that I am not so fond of for the den. He signed off on my paint choices for the rest of the house. Although he loves the color combinations in many of the rooms, I'm sure some of them were compromises for him, too.
Unfortunately for me, what we call the den is the central hub of the house. Straight ahead upon entering the front door is the small den, which has a large slider to the back yard. It is also open to the kitchen, and is the access room to the hall for the office and master bedroom. The living room, upon entering the house, is open and on the left.

He got his way for the white trim and baseboards; I choose the art throughout. The only room we are at true opposite corners is the kitchen; I've hated the color from day one, and he likes it. But the rest of the family, and every visitor we have asked, wrinkles their nose at that pale yellowy-green color. Outvoted, he has agreed to a repaint of the kitchen. lol

I know it could be more challenging than it is! It must be so much more difficult for couples with completely different tastes.

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Rustic with transitional. I like natural entities, but not a whole house full. A bit like Lynn, loved NM and the wide range of styles available which mix in beautifully.

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I love many styles, it just depends upon how the house is done. I love MCM houses, and some MCM furniture for its clean lines. On the other hand, I love the wonderful, real woodwork in old pieces. I love Victorian homes but the interior décor, when ramped up, is way too much for me. I could have maybe one piece with the curlicues and that would be plenty. I love craftsman, but find original craftsman homes with original furnishing to be too dark and lacking the "fun" vibe. I LOVE the individual pieces and love the built ins, but I like color and fabrics too much to really live in a true craftsman house. My 1908 house is best described as colonial revival meets craftsman bungalow, as far architecture goes. I have a mix of furnishing, mostly vintage finds, and lots of color - this makes me happy.

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Another So Cal poster. I currently own one of the non-style homes. My style is traditional with a touch of whimsy. Also, love MCM, but the style just does not work for me on a day to day basis.

About ready to start hunting for a new home, my greatest hope is to find a house with style. Unfortunately, they are few and far between; and rarely up for sale. But I am hoping I get lucky, I am not in hurry so that should help.

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I'm currently preparing my little patio home for retirement in British colonial. I love the mix of antique accessories, sea shells, grasscloth, and nautical.

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My general style is modern casual, or urban organic, or bohemian. If your question is, do you follow a REGIONAL style, my answer is: yes and no.

I think it's important to take your region, and its resources into consideration. Just like in gardening, I like native plants because they "fit." In fact, I think too much of one style is contrived and boring, and so often contrived and just too much! -- so I would never decorate my house in a single style.

So, I live in the Southwest. But is my style, "southwest?" Not really. However, I do have some Southwestern items and style in my house, especially since the exterior is modern southwestern too. I have taken advantage of locally sourced and fabricated items -- this gives the house a sense of place and belonging, and is good for the economy and my wallet, to boot.

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Love those photos, lavender lass, they are charming!

My style is traditional, although I appreciate many other styles and period looks. Occasionally I long for an interesting MCM home with a very modern and uncluttered vibe. I did our guesthouse in FL in a very casual "solarium room" look with wicker, bright prints, French terra cotta tile floors and lots of plants, and loved to escape out there when the kids were not using it for secret club meetings, playing house, or watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olson or skateboarding videos. They gravitated towards the space that had very little personal stuff in it, it was almost like a really lovely vacation rental. Hmmmm, I wonder what that says about filling our homes up with "things we love?"

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My style is transitional eclectic I guess. I like fine things but am usually too cheap to spend much so I often buy used so I can get better quality. I do a lot of mixing of styles through color association. One of my other loves is to mix things that are on the verge of cheesy ugly. To me there is beauty in ugly as it adds interest. I feel uncomfortable in rooms that match perfectly and are void of color. I don’t feel like I’m supposed to sit there. I also have strong beliefs that main living areas should have real art on the wall. It does not have to be expensive or grand or perfectly match but it should reflect things or colors that you like. If you take the time to invite me over and I except I want to KNOW you!
I live in Florida where if a home (by some rare chance) had an original style it most likely was muddled over through the years as nearly everyone who lives here is from somewhere else and has added bits and bobs from their region. All you can really do is give a nod to that.

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