Funcolors--it's me again

sis2twoMarch 4, 2013

Would you help me narrow down some cheery greens that will look good with my Hampshire Gray and Berry Red rooms. Since I could never come up with a yellow that worked all times of the day and with my orangey pine floors, I've decided to go with a green. But it needs to be a cheery green. Would love if you could make suggestions from BM's classic colors or affinity line. I have both of these at home. Thank you.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Sorry took so long - I'm swamped right now. Yay me! :)

I have four green ideas. One is from the Preview deck, however.

Dil Pickle 2147-40 (Preview)
Dried Parsley 522
Baby turtle 515
Mesquite 501

That is a RANGE of green personalities! All harmonize in their own special way with HC-101. Which one strikes you as cheery might have to be determined with samples in the space.

Hope that helps.

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It does help indeed! Thanks for the green ideas. I had to finally give up on the yellow trail. Overall, I think green is going to work much better, and it's kind of ironic, because you first recommended Edgewood Green when I was thinking yellow for that space. That is still one that I am considering! You have been so kind even after all this and I appreciate it so much.

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