weeklong babysitting rate?

pammoMay 12, 2006

My son, who will soon be 16, has been asked by a friend to go along on a weeklong camping trip with 2 families, with 2 5 year old boys between them, to help out with the kids. This will be a great trip for everyone I'm sure.

My friend doesn't know how much to pay my son. Any ideas?

Thanks, Pam

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They will be feeding him, and I hope he will have some fun too, so I wouldn't think he would be paid a full hourly rate. I think the amount would depend too on what the expectations are. Will be he busy supervising the boys all day every day? Probably not.

Just as a jumping off figure, does $25/day sound too high? Too low? I don't know, just threw that number out there.

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I agree that it will depend on what he needs to do. However, my 15yo daughter babysits....as long as she was to have some free time in the afternoon/evening that she and her friend could have some fun on their own, I'd tell them not to pay her. I'm assuming the parents are going to want to spend SOME time with their kids! If they're covering food and everything else, then that's sufficient. Your son will just be earning his keep.

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I would suggest $10 a day. Kinds need to learn that doing a job and doing it well results in good things...money!

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We are currently living in military housing in the Seattle area. What would be an accurate fee for my 14 year old daughter to charge for babysitting per hour? If there is more than one chlid what would the fee be per child? If she becomes CPR certified could she charge more? If so how much more?

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HOw much should i pay my 16 yr. old Daughter for babysitting this summer.
She will from 9.am till 5 p.m. mon. thru friday. My 6 yr. old son. Then every Mon. tues. and FRi. she will watch my husbands 2 kids. one 6 and one 10. So how much should i pay her to do that. SHe will give them lunch and snacks but also keeo them from not being bored. ALso she will clean the house up alittle bit to.. SO how much should i pay her. Its the summer time too.

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HOw much should i pay my 16 yr. old Daughter for babysitting this summer.

Well, when my son was a baby and watched by a stay-at-home mom, we paid her $5/hr for the day. In the case of your daughter, you probably don't have to pay her that much but I wouldn't skimp either.

Maybe $10-$25/day/kid. So if she watches a child Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, that's anywhere between $50-$125 for that one child for the week. If she watches two children three days a week, then she should get anywhere between $60-$150 for the week.

Yes, it's expensive but taking care of children is hard work and you also want her to clean the house (definitely not easy to do with three non-napping children).

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I don't think there is necessarily a 'should pay her amount' ... when I was younger I babysat all three of my siblings all year round and did not get any money for it. It was part and parcel of being a family... if you can and want to pay her great but I dont think there is a magic number that you SHOULD pay her... base it upon what you can afford and what you feel she deserves... and personally I think 125/ week for one child is far too much money to take care of your own sibling and help out with the household chores

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