Pittsburgh Paint, SW, or BM for cabinets

nutmeg44March 26, 2012

I am leaning towards pitsburgh paint- manor hall alkyd(water clean up). I have used their regular latex paint and really liked it.

I know SW pro classic and BM impervo are recommended also. Are all of these the alkyd with water clean up?

I also just saw BM advance!?!?!

Too many choices.

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I didn't realize Pittsburgh Paint had an oil/latex hybrid (which is what you're asking for...regular alkyd paint isn't water clean-up). The BM version is Advance; BM Impervo comes in either an alkyd base or a latex base, not a hybrid. SW has many products under the ProClassic label, but if you want oil paint with water clean-up, you'd want their Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd.

The hybrid that I've used is the Ace Alkatex Cabinet and Trim paint, and I loved how it leveled compared to regular latex paint. The benefits of oil but I could still use soap and water on my Chinex brush!

You've mentioned a few quality brands, so I'd pick the one with the best service or location.

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I'd stay with jessicaml's advice, with her last sentence being the most important. Go where they are the most help to your project, even though you might just be buying quarts.
Also look at additives that might help the open time [dry time] and flow & leveling. Flood makes [or made] a product called penetrol you might want to look at.

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