What do you put above the toilet besides a towel rack?

diginthedirt17February 27, 2010

I'm going to paint the powder room soon, and we have the standard towel rack with two hanging towels that are off limits to family members. For "show" only, lol

I'd like to repurpose the towel rack to the kitchen island. I have two pictures on the wall next to the toilet so it seems silly to have one above it too.

Any other ideas? I'd love to see pics! Thanks :)

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I am framing two pictures to hang over the toilet. My bathroom is strickly black and white, with tiny touches of red.

One picture is of me, age 7-8 months, having a "bath" in an enamel wash pan on my Grandma's counter. The other picture is of DH as a baby, having a bath in his mother's sink.

I'm cropping and printing the photos in black and white. They'll be mounted with white mats with a thin red inner mat and framed in black frames that match the vanity mirrors.

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In our powder room, we have a cabinet over the toilet. It's shallow, maybe 4" deep, and it's about the same width as the back of the toilet and probably 24" or 28" tall. The door is glass. When we hung it, I had no real vision of what I'd put in it, but it's a good size for misc. "stuff" -- one shelf has tacky replicas of European statues or buildings that I've bought on trips (Eiffel tower, David, etc); one shelf has a collection of tiny metal chairs; etc. Might seem odd for a bathroom display, but it works for me.

In our master bath, I have a large reproduction vintage ski poster that shows a man and woman skiing, and they look remarkably like DH and me. Hung it up there probably 8 years ago and it still makes me smile. We're not skiers at all.

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What about some of the lovely metalwork that is out there now? I have a double candle sconce above the toilet in my master bath, but have also had decorative plates on a metal plate rack. I saw a picture on another post of a wall bracket supporting a simple lantern. I suppose it depends on your style and what you like.

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I have artwork above toilet and on the other 3 walls too. They have matching frames and mats. I don't have any storage in the powder room. I do have a small 2 tiered table that has extra towels below. I have extra rolls of toilet paper in a basket and a storage closet across the hall for other items.

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Warning Warning Warning.....this thread could get funny!!!! (We've done the toilet decor thread before and it was beyond hilarious).

Anyone want to bring up poop spray or shall we leave that alone????? :oP

OK now really....I like art above a toilet verses towels in a powder room because I don't want to lean over the toilet to dry my hands. I prefer a small towel rack or ring next to the sink so you don't have to move away from the sink to complete your tasks there.

I've had different things...a venetian mirror, oil paintings, Midevil writings. My current master has a toilet mirror (a handing mirror with a box area below it that opens to a velvet box for storage where I keep extra TP).

I'm not of the opinion that you can ever have too much art :) Stack them on top of each other and totally fill the walls :) It's a great look for a powder room.

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That was the first thing that came to my mind Igloo ;)
That said I do have a photo collage in my bathroom on another wall. It contains several pictures of all of my DD's (6) when they were babies. They're in the tub, kitchen sink or wrapped in a towel or they have those shampoo sudsy unicorn horns on the tops of their heads.

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A shelf? You could put whatever you want on it.

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I think on the infamous toilet thread it was poop juice, not poop spray.

Anyway, I would suggest shelves that are higher like natal just posted.

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Ditto on "you can't have too much art". We have framed art (actually they're just cool greeting cards I matted and framed with cheap stock stuff) on all four walls of our half bath.

Most of my bathrooms have had cabinets above the toilet, since storage space has always been at a premium. I don't like a towel rack/bar over the toilet, I hate the whole "decorative useless towel" thing quite intensely and reaching over the toilet to use a functional towel is annoying.

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Thanks for the replies - I somehow missed the previous toilet decor thread!

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