help with wallpaper removal problems... paper is almost off...

ummmMarch 1, 2008

the previous owners put up wallpaper border. it was stuck really well. tried DIF, vinegar etc and none worked. bought a steam which worked a bit better, but wallpaper still came down in little pieces.

i've gotten most of it off, but there are still little bits and pieces left. i tried using a sponge with DIF to get the glue and paper off but it's very difficult. is there a better way to clean off these scrapes? or can i just clean the wall (i have dirtex), and use GARDZ over it?! the room isn't that big, but big enough to be annoying (it's a 2nd bedroom to be used as a computer room). the wallpaper border is in the middle of the wall.

Thanks for your help!

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Hey Ummmm!
I've had a couple good comments on this...

At the Brian Santos seminar here recently:
* Spray some more of your stripper on the area...twice.
* When it's wet, roll out some painter's-plastic over the whole area.
* Use a light plastic so the "cling"-effect will hold it on the wall.
* This will keep the solution working, and won't let it dry out!
* Go out to eat!!
* It "should" be easy to get the last dregs off now.
* Rinse well and let dry a day.
* Use a good stain-blocking Latex primer...over the WHOLE ROOM...NOT just where a border was!!

Let us know how it goes!


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thanks faron for the quick reply!

thanks for the tips! need to get some 'painter's plastics' then (haven't heard of it before... you learn something new everyday).

i have some zinssar 123 already so i guess i should be able to use just that after cleaning it and all.

gosh can't wait to get this room done... still have more wallpaper borders to take down yet!

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Wish I could say it was my idea!

Makes perfect sense though...just like wrapping up a hamburger to keep it moist.
Plastic keeps the air away from the stripping-solution, allowing it to keep working longer.

Do ya have your Paper-Tiger for the future borders?!


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Instead of using a sponge to get paste off, try a green scrubbie pad like the ones you would use to clean dishes. Go in a circular motion to help loosen the paste. Also, it's best when the DIF solution is hot....the hotter the better. I have found lately that Chomp wallpaper stripper works better than DIF.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The Scotch scrubbers and Chomp are team champions. !


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The Chomp product sounds very interesting. I have a wallpaper removal job coming up. Where can I buy Chomp?

TIA. Tina

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I used something called Wallwick for boarders which works exactly like Faron was suggesting. You can buy it for boarders and walls. I think the key is leaving it up there and keeping it wet. Be sure to use the paper tiger. I'm going to use the painters plastic I my next two rooms.

The Wallwick looks like a piece of cotton and sticks to the wall to keep it moist. They suggested 20 min but I found you had to leave it longer.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

"IF" you use the paper tiger, be sure you apply light pressure against the wall or you'll be repairing pinholes left in the drywall coversheet.

Most strippable wallcoverings are easily removed once the cover is stripped away, leaving the backing sheet to be soaked and scraped away.

My kitchen remodeling crew is starting a Sanitas removal tomorrow. I hope for the best for the owner since I quoted it by the hour.:)


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Chomp! fans....
Yes, this stuff is good!
We sell twice as much Chomp! relative to DIF; and we've got both types of DIF sprays, concentrate-gallons, etc.
Chomp! is available to ACE stores thru ACEnet.
(I can post SKU's if needed!)
>>> We've had it at our ACE for ~2 yrs. now!

We've had this set of products for ~1 yr.
They have a neat hand-held pressurized pump-up spray-tank, solutions, 2 sizes of the "soaking-sheets", an "aggressive-looking" scorer, and a plastic scraper.
>>> ACE doesn't have this...we have to order directly from Wallwik.

I DO like Santos' practice of just using a big sheet(s) of painters-plastic, and just lettin' the room soak. This really intrigued me!


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I have that same problem, ummm. Every room of this house we bought has borders around the ceilings. They have to go!! Maybe someone has tried this and can advise--I heard using equal parts of cheap fabric softener and water sprayed on the paper makes it easier to take off. Anyone ever tried it? I'm sure not looking forward to removing the darned stuff.

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THANK YOU for all the advice!

the sponge i have is a zinssar one. but will try the green ones or the scrubbers too. the DIF i have is already in a spray bottle, but i guess i can soak it in hot water to make it hot? if the DIF still doesn't work then will get some chomp!

i just recently found out about wallwik, but i thought it sounds like the same principal as what faron has described.

will let you know how that works! gosh i hope the next would will be easier (1 room with border in the middle of the wall, then border up near the ceiling in the kitchen/dining room, the border and wallpaper in the bottom half of the wall in a small bath... )

thanks again!

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I just posted this on other page, but, anyway, removed some border in the bathroom, I use DW's conair fabric steamer. It scraped off very easy, it doesn't say anything in the paperwork about using it for this but tried it and was very happy with the results. We have some more high ceiling border in the dining room that I will be taking off when bathroom is finished painted.

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want to report back...

it works!!!

well our local ACE stores don't have CHOMP! (didn't even sound like they've heard of it) and i didn't want to order online as i wanted to finish it over the weekend. so i used the already-mixed DIF. didn't soak it in hot water (next time if i buy DIF, i'd not get the ready mix, so i can mix it in hot water... but should find out if CHOMP is sold around here...)

The first time i sprayed the DIF and covered with painter plastic, waited for a couple of hours, and tried to use the sponge and scott's disposable rag to get the paper off but it didn't work well at all - i thought i cleaned it off but it was still there the next day. so i went to buy some 3M scotch brite and it worked much much much better! so thanks for the suggestion! it still takes some effort to clean it off, but at least it works...

after i finish a section of the wall, i clean it with dirtex and the scott's rag because the wall was slimy with glue and DIF. i like using the scott's rag since i can just throw it away as it gets gross being all slimy.

so good luck to the rest of you with the same problem!

thanks again to all who helped!

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A good Latin phrase here...
"After the battles come the rewards..."

Ummm...tell your ACE to search on their ACEnet using "Chomp" in the as the search "description".
I just ordered-in the "concentrate" version last week.
We've had the spray-bottle Chomp thru ACE for 2 YEARS!!

Glad your battle was successful!


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thanks faron - i went to ace's website, and found chomp there and said it can be shipped to the store... so always an option for the future! it took me 2 hours to scrub and clean last night for half of a small room, and it's just paper border only!

thanks again!

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ummm - I feel for you. We just spent 4 1/2 hours this weekend trying to remove a wallpaper border in our kitchen. Uggg. DIF wasn't working well at all. Went and got the paper tiger and Chomp. Using both let us pull the cover off. Tried spraying more Chomp on the backing paper - not much luck. Went over the backing paper with paper tiger. more Chomp. lots of scraping - still some pieces remaining. Ran out of Chomp 2/3 away around the room. Back to using the DIF as stores were closed. That actually worked better on the backing paper than the Chomp. Went back over stubborn areas where Chomp didn't work with DIF and finally, success.

Bottom line - for some reason one product worked well on certain things, the other in other portions

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berryberry - isn't that fun?! not! the wallpaper border in my kitchen and dinning room is up by the ceiling (as opposed to middle of the wall in the room i'd just done), so definitely not something i look forward to...

i do have a steamer so hopefully it'd help. did you try putting plastic sheets over the border like faron mentioned above? that definitely helped.

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ummm. Yep - the border I removed was next to the ceiling. 9 foot ceilings to be exact. A real pain.

Didn't try the plastic sheet trick - didn't read it til afterwards. I had removed one before that was chair rail height in my daughter's bedroom. That came off no problem. But this kitchen one. It put up a huge fight

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