Son and his underwear

bjackson01May 29, 2011

My 14 year old son and I were shopping for new clothes last week at a Marshall's store. He hates to shop for clothes but I dragged him along. When we were in the underwear department, I had mentioned to him that he might want to pick out some new undies. Normally, he picks out some regular colored briefs. I also will pick him up some hanes briefs at Walmart However, on this trip, he picked out some bikini briefs. He told me that's what he would like to start wearing. I thought at first it was kind of weird but maybe I'm overrationalizing.

As for other parents out there, what type of underwear does your sons wear? Have they ever wore bikini briefs?

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He's 14, mom....all pubed out and everything. Changes occurred or occurring....assume you've noticed. Suggest don't be getting excited about his choice of underwear. Time's here for you to step back. He's entering young-manhood. He does NOT need your input about his underwear.

I'm not a parent....but I sure as hell remember being 14/15....and several of my friends' mothers who were going through what you've just described. Made their boys' lives an embarrassing misery and their mothers jokes among their peers. Please don't do that.

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The joys of shopping.

You son has probably seen what his piers are wearing and wants to fit in.

There is usually a simple explanation for changes in behavior.

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Some years ago, the mother of one of my older son's friends pulled me aside right before the boys went into middle school and said I might want to buy older DS some boxer shorts because that's what all the middle school boys wore, and when they changed for gym class, he would not want to stand out as having the 'wrong' underwear... (DS had spent the night there recently, so I guess she saw his colored briefs?) So I bought some boxers for DS (who said he hated them!) but then started wearing them anyway once he realized that's what 'normal' was...

Anyway -- My point is only that at that age, the subject is likely to be sensitive, and wearing the same type of underwear the other boys in his environment are wearing might be important to him. And if bikini briefs are what your area's norm is, then that's probably the sum total of the motivation and thought process. (Any parents you could check with?)

I'm a bit concerned though that bikini briefs may well *not* be the norm, and might, in fact, be different enough to stigmatize your son and be the kind of thing that gets him labelled 'gay' and gets bullying started. (Kids can be *so* cruel, and 'gay' seems to be the insult of choice for that age group.)

Some kids are certainly more bully-proof than others -- But if your kid isn't one of them, I'd check to see 'what's done' in your neck of the woods...

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I am 74 and in very good shape and I wear both Speedo style swimwear and underwear, when I wear underwear. My father wore briefs, as did all of his brothers. All of my sons wear both brief and bikini style and two even wear thongs style. I have seven grandsons and they ALL wear brief and bikini and thongs style underwear ans swimwear. So what seems to be the problem.

I remember when no guy wore boxer or broadshort style at the beach. What has happened to get so many people against the original brief. If it was good enough for Burt Lancaster it should be good enough for all of us today.

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When you say "regular colored briefs" do you mean no cartoon characters and super heroes or tighty whities? My grandson wears the brief/boxer combo thing, in every color but white or pink.

FWIW Nelson, the reason the good old fashioned brief doesn't work anymore is twofold;

#1 While Debra Kerr's halter top swim suit is still stylish, it is no longer considered even remotely fashionable for a man to wear a tight bathing suit (or underpants) that cover his navel.

#2 No one else is Burt Lancaster (darn it!)

Here is a link that might be useful: thighy whities

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Ok, this is gonna sound personal- but could he be getting, errr, well- a rise in the pants? It happens to boys pretty much all times of the day for any reason. The bikinis, being more restricitive, might make this less noticable.

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