Monroe Bisque or Shaker Beige

WolfpackmomMarch 27, 2013

If anyone has used BM Monroe Bisque or BM Shaker Beige, do they have an undertone color to them? It would be painted in various rooms with various lighting. Just wondering if they have a certain undertone.

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My parent's painted their entire house in Shaker Beige. The other top contender was Bleeker Beige. They chose the Shaker Beige over the Bleeker because of lack of an apparent undertone. I think the Bleeker ended up looking greenish, but that has been a few years, so not sure.

The guy who painted the house was impressed with the color and how undertones did not come out with it. As an FYI, our Ace Hardware sells BM and the painter prefers the Ace paint, so it was done in an Ace base. Not sure if that had any bearing or not. Our testers were BM, and I can't tell any different between them and how the BM color n the Ace paint turned out.

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We went with the Shaker Beige - painter came today and put the first coat on - 2 story foyer, stairwell, upstairs and downstairs hallways. When he puts on the second coat tomorrow, I hope it doesn't darken much. I thought it was going to be a tad lighter than it is. I do like it, but don't want it to darken any. We painted over yellow so it is definitely going to take a few days to get use to. We are doing the kitchen and family rooms next - will wait to see if we do them Shaker Beige or go a little lighter and do Monroe Bisque. So far we do not see any undertones in the Shaker Beige. It is a pretty color.

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Lori A. Sawaya

All colors have a masstone or hue bias. Not all colors have an undertone.

The Shaker Beige I used is just a medium dark golden yellow.

Swear that color is why I sold my house in six days. We used it in the foyer, kitchen, family room, up the stairs to the loft/office area.

It got a lot of positive comments from potential buyers. Hope it works out for you too! :)

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funcolors and aa62579 - thank you for your posts. Second coat is one and I just LOVE IT! I posted on the home decorating page also and someone on there said it reminded her of Light Chocolate Milk Shake - that is exactly what I would say too. It didn't darken much with the 2nd coat - but my painter does a wonderful job and does not gob paint on the walls. The salesman at the BM store said he could not rule out a pink cast to it - don't see it at all. When I asked him about the color - he smiled and said everyone loves that color. Our next areas to be painted are the family room, small hallway and kitchen. We might use it in the family room and small hallway but not sure about the kitchen.

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Debra Wright

I chose Shaker Beige for my small house. I applied one coat in my dining room and immediately saw pink undertones. I had another gallon mixed with 25% less of the red undertone to get rid of the pink. I love this version and am in the process of painting the rest of my house with it.

The undertones will be different in different rooms and different lighting. You might like a colour in one room, but it may take on a totally different look in another room.

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Glad you love it - it really is a nice color.

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