Arms and Hands go Numb while sleeping

enjoyingspringMarch 20, 2011

Has anyone ever had this problem of their hands and arms going numb while they are sleeping. I have had this problem for a couple of months now. When I wake up my hands and arms feel numb and tingly. Once I am up and about they feel fine.

I have a doctors appointment next month for a check up so will inquire then but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Thanks, Judy

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Yes, and it happens the most when I sleep on my side and it's horrible if I happen to end up with resting my head on my arm. If I sleep on my back, it's not so bad. Usually a trip to the chiropractor makes it go away for a period of time, but I just can't seem to hold the adjustment that makes the numbness go away for good. I feel fine once I am up also.

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I was going to suggest chiropractic care also. I work for one and lots of people come in with your complaint. It usually takes more than 1 adjustment to "hold", but it gives such relief!

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Could it be carpel tunnel?

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Carpal tunnel

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Yup, carpal tunnel. That was my worst symptom, but I had surgery on both hands about 27 years ago, one hand at a time. Cured it completely, has never come back.

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No numbness. When I sit with my thighs resting on the edge of a hard chair, my toes will tingle and probably would go numb if I sat there a long time. I am a side sleeper but since the broken arm I have been able to sleep on my back. Many mornings I wake up on my back, body pillow makes it more comfortable to sleep on my back.

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I've had the numbing hands & fingers for 39 yrs now. They say its Carpel tunnel. I haven't found anything that helps with it. It seems worse in humid weather.

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Carpal tunnel. My chiropractor suggested a wrist splint, which keeps your wrist straight (but not uncomfortable). It really helps. You can buy one at any store that sells health care aids.

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Thanks for all your help, makes me feel better that it might be Carpal tunnel. I may consider a chiropractor once I see my doctor.

Thanks again, I can alway count on the Kitchen Table for help.

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it's carpal tunnel. I get it badly in my right hand when I use my box cutter too much at work. I get it when I'm awake too, like right now. LOL I don't use a mouse, I use a tablet. The stylis is like a pen so I have the 'pinching' hold on it. That pinches off the nerve in my wrist and causes my hand to fall asleep. I have to put the stylis down and give my arm a shake to make it go away.

You might want to invest in a good carpal tunnel brace for your wrists. They have a good sturdy support and you wear them when you're sleeping. It keeps you from bending your wrists inward while you're sleeping so your hands won't fall asleep. You can get them in the first aid section of your drugstore.

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A couple of years ago DH began waking up with numbness in one and sometimes both hands. It was NOT carpal tunnel. Not saying that your isn't, but it could be something else. His was a pinched nerve in his spine. All the doctor did was to give him drugs to alleviate his back pain. Each time he'd go back to tell them that he was no better, they would just prescribe another drug. We decided to seek chiropractic help and that has made all the difference. It was so obvious in the x-ray that the problem was indeed his spine and after a few treatments the tingling began decreasing and has now completely gone away. He has stopped taking all of the drugs the doctor gave him. That doesn't mean that he is "cured". He continues to see the chiropractor weekly. As another poster mentioned, it isn't a quick-fix. And once results are achieved, you must maintain.

Just saying, it's worth looking into other things besides carpal tunnel.

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was wondering if you take bp meds?

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I used to have that and it was my position while I was sleeping - after I became aware of that, was able to change sleeping position, especially of arms, and have not had a problem since.

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I do get that and I think it is from sleeping on my side with my hands/arms in a cramped position.

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I may just try the carpal tunnel wrist bands, you never know it may solve the problem, doesn't hurt to try.


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If your problem turns out to be Carpal Tunnel, please don't be afraid to have the surgery. It's like a miracle cure!

I suffered for several years--thinking my problem was due to my enlarged (ugly, too!), arthritic finger joints. Five years ago, I finally went to the doctor and found out it was CP; I had it in both wrists, but the right one was the really bad one. I had planned to do the left wrist, also, but began wearing a wrist brace on my left arm while sleeping, and it has helped enough that I haven't needed surgery. I only occasionally have some slight discomfort, but I won't hesitate to have the surgery, if needed.

As others have posted, check your options! Hope you find some relief.

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Yes, I forgot to mention, get one of those wrist supports and sleep in it. I have 2 by the bed and when the pain starts I put them on both hands and it will go away in about 5 min. Mostly in the summer I have the worst trouble.You can find them at walmart, they are nylon or cloth with velco straps. Maybe $12 or less.
I think its the heat it makes in the wrist that also helps.

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I get the tingling when I sleep, when I drive long distances, and when I do certain other tasks that require keeping my wrists bent for a length of time. I was formally tested and the test involves something like acupuncture, with pins being stuck lightly in various points of the arm/wrist.

I now always sleep wearing wrist braces and I don't wake up with tingling. I also wear them when I know I'll be driving an hour or more. I don't like the Walgreen's or CVS braces, though - they are cheaply made and irritate my arms. I got the pair I really like at a proper medical supply store. I would NOT be without them.

If my carpal tunnel gets worse, I'll have surgery. But it's not been recommended yet.

Going to a chiropractor will not help this ailment at all. The trick is keeping your wrists straight - and that's what the braces do.

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Does Carpal Tunnel ever go away on its own or do you have to eventually have surgery.

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I've dealt with it for a few years now. It's not carpal tunnel, it's a combination of decreased circulation from sleeping with my elbows bent and pinched nerves in my neck. The only way for me to avoid it is to sleep on my back with the pillow rolled under my neck, and my ATMs straight down at my side. None of that will happen because I sleep on my side with my arms curled up, one under my pillow and one under my chin.

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Hmmmm I don't sleep with ATM's at my side. Although DH might feel that way sometimes. That should say 'arms'.

Dumb iphone!

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Marcia Thornley

My sleeping hands were due to Carpal Tunnel. I use the wrist splints and that really helps. Mine comes and goes.

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Went to the doctor today about my numb arms and hands, he confirmed that it ws carpal Tunnel and suggested too to wear wrist splints.

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You will find that wrist splints/braces are NOT all the same. I've had bad experience with the inexpensive drug store brands, but good luck with those from proper medical supply places. What's been bad is that the hard parts of the brace cut into my hands/wrist in awkward places.

Bird and Cronin Wrist Braces are my favorite....I've been wearing braces for years now. I now get them online at amazon.

You will find that these make a world of positive difference!

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