Keeping Warm in the Pool

adellabedella_usaApril 26, 2005

Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping a child warm in the pool? I took my 3 yo swimming yesterday. He shivered the whole time. The rest of us were warm. The poor kid has no bodyfat and is built like a string bean. I was wondering if there is some type of clothing I could put on him without buying a full wetsuit?



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Warm the water in the pool....and be sure he keeps's the cool air on his wet skin that makes him shivver.
Don't know where in New Mexico you are....but the air is dry there and evaporation is faster....and wet exposed skin gets colder faster.
One of the things I well remember is driving through Nebraska in August.....and the heat was awful....over 100...and a breeze like out of a blast furnace.
After dinner my hisband and I decided to hit the motel pool to cool off....and about froze when we got out. The dry warm breeze evaporated the water so fast we were shivvering before we got to our rooms.
Linda C

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Linda's got it right about the quick evaporation. About all you can do is wrap him in a dry towel as soon as he gets out. If he is cold in the water, maybe you should think twice about letting him go in until it gets warmer. After all, he is only 3.

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Water does evaporate extra fast here. DS has a long sleeve shirt made out of some man-made material that I may try the next time we go swimming. It is almost 90 degrees here already so I probably won't try to keep him out of the pool.

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something like this - it's not a real wetsuit, but if offers more protection from cold and sun than a swimsuit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleek Suits from CWDkids

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