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spunkylady77April 30, 2010

I am a stay at home mother of 2 girls ages 3 & 5 in Oregon. I am going to be watching a 5 year old classmate of my older daughter and was wondering how much I should charge. He will be here about 30-35 hr/wk. I drive him to preschool and home 3 days a week. When I was a nanny, I made $20/hr for 1 child but I did not have children of my own. Any ideas?

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I don't have a good idea but a stay at home mom taking care of another kid is probably not going to make near that of a nanny making $20 per hour. Heck, if they did, most moms would just do that and not work outside the home.

I've found rates to be regional,and I have no clue about Oregon.... I would think maybe $4-5 an hour or possibly $25 a day...maybe lower... if you were just taking care of their kid, it may be higher...but considering you have your own too... what do daycares charge around there?

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I agree with the above poster....maybe $25 per day would be suitable. People tend to pay less to a mother who is home with their own little one.
If you outprice it, they will just go elsewhere.
My daughter pays a daycare a certain fee for two days, then any extra day is $25.00.

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Assume feeding and caring for in addition to driving? Whoa! Being male and therefore out of the mommy-logic loop, maybe I'm out of touch but I wouldn't do anything like this for anyone for 25 bucks a day. Nor would I allow my wife to do it for such a pittance while compromising the care of our own children. (Just made that up. I'm not married or raising children, just trying to make a point.) From the replies to OP, I'm seeing about 1/2 minimum wage plus much risk and zero benefits.

On the other hand, I know what it's like to not have money and the joy of being able to depend upon something coming in where there wasn't before. I don't know your situation. Your call. How important is it?

My situation is on the other end. Full-time care-giving for elderly mother. Doesn't amount to anything. Basically, companionship and meal-making. Somebody has to be here at all times. I pay $15.00 @hour for this service from known/trusted people. That includes sleeping time. My occasional 24-hr. single-overnight weekends cost me $360.00. Eight-hour daytime shifts are $160.00. Nobody will do anything for less than that where I live. Your responsibilities and risks will be greater than my hired substitute care-givers. And I doubt the pay-scale and/or expectation is any less in Oregon than it is here.

Your friend is trying to buy trust and dependability at a discount price. If you're both OK with it, that's fine. Just saying at the amount suggested by other respondents, I think you're getting ripped.

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Yeah, just keep in mind that most women don't bring in as much as men... Most working moms aren't going to have 6 figure incomes... They are probably going to be working maybe close to minimum wage jobs... factor in that their income is taxed and at a higher rate because the income is added to their husband's. They also need to pay for transportation and lunch you may be left with them getting paid for 8 hours, but having to pay a sitter 10. You're just not left with a lot to pay for childcare...

It's sad and I agree anyone who watches any kid should get paid well... but it's just not the case... and one more kid usually just doesn't cost much more. Unless you're talking about very wealthy parents, you're not going to get paid a lot and then they aren't going to want to hire someone who has their own kids to watch.

Eldery people are a lot more expensive to watch. Generally will run about $150 or more a day... It's a whole nother thread... but I've been through both and you're comparing apples and oranges... seems like you can compare them, but you can't. It's boils down to what people are willing to pay or be paid. The Op should check other places in her area... newspapers, craigslist, daycares, etc.. to see what the going rate is for childcare like she would be providing...

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When my stepson was in half day kindergarten I was substitute teaching. We had an on call babysitter. Her rate was $30 per day. She picked ss up from kindergarten at 11:30am, fed him lunch, and kept him til around 4:00.

During the summers I babysit (and have 4 kids of my own at home) One family paid me $40 per day to watch their 10 year old daughter from 7am till about 4pm, this included meals. The other family paid me $60 per day to watch their two sons (5, and 7yrs) for about the same amount of time, and this also included meals.

My sister had a full day babysitter for my 2 year old niece and paid $25 per day for about 8-9 hours of babysitting and meals. The babysitter had 2 kids at home.

We are in the midwest. Hope this helps!

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I think I might take a different approach. Everyone is quoting rates, but I think areas differ. I would look at childcare places close by and discount them by maybe 25% or 35%. Then I would add a per mile rate for the driving of maybe 25 cents a mile or so. If food is involved, add it at cost. With my homework done, I could explain the rate easily to the other parent rather than get into a negotiation. They might find it a really good deal, and hopefully it would be enough to be worth your while.

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