UCL Problem

marcia59February 12, 2014

I got tape LEDs for my UCL. The electricians were here today. To figure out where to put the tape, they held a piece of the tape up against the bottom of the cabinet. We all agreed that right behind the light rail looked good.

Now one piece is in and the little difference between holding it up and it really bring flat against the cabinet makes a huge difference in the light. As you can see from the picture, it's casting a really strong shadow from the light rail. It looks bad and is not effective task lighting. Thoughts on solving this problem? Will just moving it back a few inches fix it? Do I need to do something else? The primary purpose of the lights is task lighting on the counter. Lighting up the backsplash is nice, but secondary.


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We have fluorescent type of UCL's not sure if it makes a difference. The cabinet is 12 inches deep and the counter is around 25-26 inches counting the ogee edge. The light is mounted at the front of the cabinet just behind the light skirt . This makes it about equal distance in the middle of the countertop. I am happy with the way the light casts on the countertop and the backsplash.

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I'll be putting these in soon, and I read to set it back an inch if so from the front of the cabinet to avoid a shadow. Haven't done it yet, though, so I can't speak from personal experience

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Found this. Hope it helps

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