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janinncMarch 15, 2012

Does anyone know which Benjamin Moore color would most closely match Sherwin Williams Dover White? A friend suggested I could try to get the color formula for Dover White and have them mix it at the BM store, but I would rather use an existing BM color that is as close to SW Dover White as possible. Thank you!

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I can't help you with the equivalent paint color, but the Ben Moore store will most likely have the formula for the Sherwin Williams paint.

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Thank you. I think I probably could have them mix the formula, but from reading posts from more experienced painters (I am a beginner in every sense of the word) it seems I would be better off using an actual BM color than trying to have BM mix the formula, particularly since I'll be painting several rooms in the house this color - but not all at the same time - and will be buying a couple of gallons each time.

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Give BM a call and see if they have the Sherwin Williams formula. For most of Sherwin Willisams colors BM has their formulas (and vice versa). Alternatively you can take the dover white paint chip to BM and they can help you match to an existing BM color.

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When the Ben Moore store mixes the paint, they will put a sticker on the can with the formula they used. You can buy more later using that formula.

Alternatively, the people who work in the Ben Moore stores usually have a pretty good eye for color. You could take the SW color chip in and ask them what they think their closest match is.

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I've got those formula's too!

All they are- are scanned competitors'-fandeck matches at the BM (or whatever Co.) color labs, based on their particular colorant database.
* There's no way to know how good a match is until the paint is literally tinted!
* They're usually pretty good...but exact?!?!?!...No such thing.
* Sometimes you could do better by guessing!
* In MY experience, the darker the color, the farther-off the matches are...
* If you're satisfied with a match, have the store save the final formula into their dispensing software. We do this ALL the time!
* DON'T expect a store to match, say, an Aura color down into another companies colorant-base...WON'T happen. I won't do them into ACE, 'cuz (like most), ACE uses only 11 colorants, 2 of which are Black & White.
* I CAN do an Aura into C2, because there's more colorants to "nuance" a color...16 available to be exact. But, again...EXACT...No.


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