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coolmamaApril 19, 2007

My husband and I have been watching tv together,and 3 times this past month a thing comes across the screen~much like the Emergency Broadcast System.

It says CHILD ABDUCTION EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM.A child abduction emergency alert has been posted for: The entire state.For the hours between 9am-5pm.(although each time the times have been different)

Each time we saw this,my husband refused to let our daughter take the bus and drove her to school.We also didnt let her play outside during those times.

However,the news and what not never says anything about it or why it is being issued,or even what it means for that matter.

How can they say between certain hours when a child might be abducted? How do they issue one of these warnings and why?

If anyone knows,I'd be very intrested to know about it.Thanks.

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I'm wondering if it isn't like an Amber Alert of some sort where maybe a child has been reported missing but you would think they would say on the news or radio.
Hmmmm...not sure!

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Maybe it is a test/drill they run to make sure everything is in place in case there was an abduction...

What state are you in? You could look up specific information about child alert for your state to see what it says. You could also call your local news station and ask them. Even if they are not reporting it, they should know something about it. It does sound odd.

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It's part of the nation wide Emergency Alert system. If there is no information about a car or anyother circumstances it's just a test of the system.
It is not in any way warning you of any increased danger to your child, just proving that the system works, and if a child had been abducted, there would have been a description of that child and the suspect and or the vehicle eh/she was driving.
No reason at all to keep your daughter at home...on the contrary...it's reason to feel she has been more protected.
Linda C

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Thanks for all the info. Yeah I googled it,maybe i should have done that first. It is like the Amber alert thing.
Thank you Linda C for the additional info,I guess they must have been tests then because nothing was stated about a child identity or car.
Thanks ya helpful ladies!

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Glad you got your answer. Sadly, it seems we have so many real Amber Alerts in my area that there doesn't appear to be any time for just tests.

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Why not call your local station and ask them about it? You could then ask all about the program and the messages they will show and the level of alert for the message.
Perhaps this would give you some peace of mind.

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