Rules and regs for croquet?

fuddyduddyApril 24, 2003

Posting on all forums that I can find, looking to find rules and regs for simple lawn croquet. Grandson has a brand new-second hand croquet set, no instructions, only fuzzy memories of playing myself as a child. Need some rules and scoring principles to work with. Could someone help? Have posted at Grandparents forum, and will do others as well. Thanks to any who reply.

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I remember playing this at my grandparent's farm with my sibs & cousins. All we basically did was decide where to put the hoop-thingee's (real technical), and which would be start/finish. To pick who would go first each of us would hit our ball & whoever's ball when the longest distance went first. We then took turns trying to get our balls through the hoop-thingee's. Whoever went the course first, won.

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Try checking in the encyclopedia. I found chess there.

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It's all here....
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard croquet

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