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kjreifFebruary 22, 2013

I'm wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on my kitchen layout. I welcome any comments - thanks!

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And a rendering of the kitchen...

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How much space is there between the corner of the island and the corner of that L on the 57" wall? I'm wondering if that's too tight. I think people are going to question the bum to bum sink/stove choice, depending on how wide the aisle is.

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I am not a layout guru by any means, but I notice that most of your lower bases seem to be regular cabinets. Drawers are wonderful! I don't even see a "pots and pans" drawer. If it were me, I would change most, if not all, of the lowers to drawers. I'll let the more experienced experts advise on the rest of the layout, although I think it looks very nice!

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I'm trying to figure out why you wouldn't put the sink and dishwasher on the window wall. Much more room and the use of the island in your very open space wouldn't be dominated by plunking down dishes and people at the sink. This might be a kitchen for a secondary sink/therefore the window sink could be a smaller but generous single deep cleanup type with dishwasher there. Love the open feel but clear the island of the main sink functions/it could perhaps handle the second sink. Try 15in depth for cabinet after corner cab -might help pinchpoint with island/and still a usable stretch. Base cabinets of drawer type are commonly used for dish storage....the dishwasher doesn't need to be in island to access wall cabinet area on the right for dish storage.....the dish storage can occurr in various drawers and you have some under the window and a really decent sized wall cab there anyway.

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Great point about the drawers...thanks! I am going to switch a bunch of those out I think. I'll also look into the 15 inch depth.

I currently have my sink under my window actually. I have no island though. I switched it over because it will allow me to face the family room (we are tearing down that wall to create more of an open floor plan within the house). And I have little kids, so I feel like that's a big deal for me right now. I have thought about doing a secondary sink under the window though. What do you think about that? Though I'm truly the only person ever in the kitchen cooking so I'm not sure how much use it would get.

I have 48 inches between the island and the stove. And 36 inches from the island to the L wall. Do you think those are good?

Thanks so much guys!!

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I'm not one of the layout gurus but echo concerns regarding the small amount of work space on the island. However, I like your wanting the sink to face the familyroom and your children at the bar. To address both the shortage of space by the sink and the desire for increased family orientation, I would add cabinets to DB21 at the 57 1/2" cabinet section on the right to form a U-shaped kitchen. Your island would then be a peninsula. The island section would need to be moved forward slightly to open up the U. I would then consider moving your stove to the wall on the right to decrease the distance between the sink and the stove.

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I like the layout w/ the following suggested changes:

Yes, I would keep the clean up sink/DW at the windows.
put the prep sink off-center on island where you have the BWBT18, allowing ~5ft of countertop span, instead of just ~2ft on each side like you have drawn now.
Then put trash where sink is.

Not sure if others would agree to this idea:
- by having the DW on window wall, put a 3-drawer on the end of the island FACING the windows, so that you can unload the DW. Yes, it may block the walkway, but after adding the sink/DW on the window wall, you don't have much storage space.

Upper corner cabinet on range wall should be 90degree instead of the angle, better not to have a cabinet in your face.

Where is the microwave?


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Interesting the feedback. Keep it coming!

The microwave is on the 57 inch wall. I was planning on doing the kind you'd normally put over the stove with a finished end panel there.

I have to say, I liked the idea of having all my prep areas (fridge, sink, stove, micro and pantry) behind the island. I thought that be good for entertaining...less people in your way when entertaining? I don't know.

If I could find another place for the microwave, I'd be able to shorten that 57 inch wall even further and extend the island. But I can't think of another place for the micro.


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If you can shorten or even remove the 57" wall you can remove that corner cabinet altogether and just have just a regular L-shaped kitchen with a huge (up to 10 foot) island running parallel to the the range wall. You could put a drawer microwave into the island at the fridge end, and move the dishwasher to the other side with sink beside it, leaving you with a nice long prep area.

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I can't get rid of that wall completely as it has duct work running up to the bedrooms upstairs in part of it and relocating that just isn't in our budget unfortunately. However, I could shorten it to around 30 inches, where the duct work ends, which I believe would allow me extend that island more.

Does anyone have a drawer style microwave? It seems like they would be really inconvenient - but maybe that's just me. If I did extend the island, where would you suggest the drawer micro go?

I've also thought about doing doing like this on that corner cabinet, although that microwave is tiny...I'd have to have larger that that.

Thanks again everyone!

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Hi kjreif, a 30" wall would definitely let you lengthen the island. You don't have room for the corner cab in the run ending in the wall though -- but that's a good thing! We have 30" walls at each end of our range run, photo below so you can visualize it, and there's just a normal cabinet run there. We did 27" deep base cabs and the counters with overhang are 28 1/2".

We also have the drawer micro in the range run and it's fine. The only reason I suggested a drawer for you is so that you can have it closer to the fridge side of your island to prevent snackers from cutting through your prep zone from fridge to micro. Especially if you put a small beverage sink on that fridge run, then it would become a nice self-contained snack zone and you'd have your prep zone to yourself. Depends how you use the kitchen though.

I have a drawer microwave to the right of the range, and you can certainly go with a standard over-counter micro on that run if you want. But I have a second microwave in a snack zone to the left of my fridge run to keep snackers away. If I went with a single micro, I'd want it want it nearer to the fridge.

Here are some pics to help you visualize the wall and then the drawer microwave. Good luck with your new kitchen!!

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, split the cleanup and prep functions by placing the cleanup sink on the window wall and a smaller prep sink off centered in the island. That will quadruple the ability of the space to work with multiple cooks.

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