Help with front door bubbles...

kadydidMarch 1, 2012

When we first moved into this house we had it painted and after we changed the door color it started to bubble. So when we had it repainted again, I stripped the(super cheap builder grade wood) door and primed and painted it again with the same black outdoor paint our painted used on our shutters. It Bubbled AGAIN.

I don't know what to do? I read somewhere that I could use high heat spray paint and that would work. Bad idea?(after sanding and priming again of course)

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I'm not sure it's the paints fault. If an area is bubbling, that means the paint is not adhering in that spot. Do all layers bubble or just the topcoat? If the primer is bubbling too, then your problem is there, not with the paint on the top of the primer.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Is it a dark color in direct sun?

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Since your door is Black...

Some questions first tho':

1) What exact brand/series paint was used?
2) Brand/type of primer?
3) Latex or Oil-based for either the paint or primer?
4) Any other prep steps/cleaning done?
5) If so, what exact cleaners were used?


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I missed the black part. Black paint behind a glass storm door in the sun = bubbles

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Yep....HEAT is probably 97% of the issue here!

>>> Think of leaning against a BLACK car that's been sitting in the sun.....OUCH!
This kinda thing can be HELL on a wood door that isn't prepped perfectly, and top-notch paints weren't used!!

What direction does this door face?

Our nearly full-glass storm door has a small 5" high separate screen-panel at the bottom. When I take out the glass panel, the screen is there for venting.


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I have had my 105 year old wood front door in black paint since '96. I stripped it to bare wood, used oil primer and Duron's Duraclad poly enamel as the topcoat. I have recoated it four times in the ensuing years, last in 2011. It chips at the wear spots, but no peeling or anything.

It faces south and is under a porch, so the lower half gets some sun all year, and the entire door gets a bit of sun in the winter. The heat is such that the panels will feel quite warm on the inside when the sun's on the outside.

I like oil paint for extreme situations over acrylics. It's just tougher and more wear-friendly. Duraclad fades and loses gloss, but never peels or bubbles. I did a dark green front door for a customer in 2001, and recoated it last fall, not because it wore or peeled, but the sun had faded it.

Caveat: Duron's now owned by another paint co., and the formulations have changed a bit, so I can't say how the performance may have suffered.

If I had to chose a paint today, I'd go with (the very pricey) Fine Paints of Europe "Hollandlac Brilliant" which we used on a black front door in 2009, with tremendous results.

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Can you post your pics of that door if ya have some?!?!?
Those FPE "Brilliants" are just jaw-dropping.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

"Duron's now owned by another paint co.,"

Sherwin Williams

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