Annie's whole wheat bread recipe (?)

arkansas_girlOctober 9, 2012

I finally made your Honey Whole Wheat bread after all this time! HAHA! It is very good! It tasted like those loaves they give you at Outback! YUM!

I have one question though, the ingredients call for an egg but when I read the directions it didn't say when it add it. I split the recipe in half and used my bread machine to make the dough but used the oven to bake it. That was perfect. I actually just left the egg out and it was great but was curious when it's to be added.

Thanks! It's a winner! #1 :)

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beachlily z9a

We've all had that question and I think Annie subsequently posted a corrected recipe .... but when using a bread machine, the egg in with the liquid. If you are doing it by hand, the egg is added after the liquid is added.

Hope this helps!

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yes, Beachlily is right, that was a problem from the first time I posted the recipe and forgot to add the egg! I corrected the recipe but that old mistake just keeps coming back to haunt me!

It's Elery's favorite bread and I made it just like you did, I let the bread machine do the work and then shape it and bake it in the oven. I've never made it without the egg, though, that's good to know in case I have a day when I'm out of eggs, so thanks for doing that "research". Now I don't have to. (grin)

I have occasionally added half a cup of orange juice in place of some of the liquid, it gives a nice flavor and adds some acidity. Some people think whole wheat bread is bitter (although I love it) and the OJ seems to cut that.

I think Grainlady also gave the scientific explanation of why to add citrus juice or acidity to bread dough, although the short version is that yeast likes an acidic environment and so the OJ creates an environment that yeast loves to grow in.

You could actually do the same thing with a pinch of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or a tablespoon of vinegar, but I like the orange flavor sometimes.

Anyway, I'm glad you like it!


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Yes it's really good and I used the butter to soften the crust trick too! :) But yeah, it is fine without the egg but I don't have anything to compare it to so... but just to know, it does turn out a nice loaf of bread without an egg.

I'm quite excited to finally be making homemade bread but that bread machine I got doesn't do worth a darn for baking, handy for mixing though. At least I couldn't get it to work right. The bread it turned out was awful!

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Ok OK ...So where;s the recipe????

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Sorry, I didn't post the recipe link. The link below is a thread I had about my bread machine problems, in it is Annie's recipe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with recipe included

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This is one of our favourite breads too. I forgot the egg once and there was no noticeable difference in taste or us anyway. So now I omit the egg.

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Thanks Chase! Since it had never eaten it the other way I didn't know. I wonder what the egg is supposed to do..bread experts? :) I just knew that other recipes didn't have egg so I didn't think it would make a lot of difference.

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Eggs can make a moister loaf, and can prolong the period during which it stays soft(er).

Egg yolks bind to the protein in flour, and inhibit the absorption of moisture, which results in less gluten and a more tender loaf of bread.

Egg whites can help leaven bread, in some circumstances, and also dry bread out to create a crisper testure.

Whole eggs, however are "greater than the sum of the parts". They add strength to the bread, which is an issue if you're making something like french toast. Instead of falling apart in the egg mixture or when dunked into chili, it holds together better. It can also open the structure of the bread, creating bigger air holes which help to "lift" the loaf.

So, if it works without the egg, I wouldn't worry about it, I'd add it if I had it and not worry about it if I didn't.


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It is also my favorite bread. You should, however, try her maple oatmeal bread also. It makes the world's best peanut butter sandwiches.

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Annie, next time I'm going to use the egg just to see.

I'm excited to have actually made something other than pizza crust with that bread machine. I think this beats the heck out of hand kneading! :)

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