best paint for cabinets

acountryfarmMarch 14, 2008

Does anyone have an opinion on the best paint for paint grade cabinets and all the MDF trim. We have been told to use Sherwin-Williams oil based but are wondering about the Miller "Manor Hall"? Anyone use this or know about it? We have approx. 415 lineal feet of cabinetry to paint and as much trim work. Whatever we choose I want it to be right the first time.


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Alkyd paint in a kitchen? Oil based paint harbors bacteria, mold and mildew in a kitchen.

You don't need alkyd. That's a myth.

Cabinet Coat is ideal for your job. On raw wood or composites like MDF, Cabinet Coat is self priming. It will require 3 coats. SW Pro Classic Waterborne is another good choice.

Others that will work if you have access to them are Muralo Ultra and BM Satin Impervo Waterborne.


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If Cabinet Coat is self priming do you know if it will work over a primer? The cabinets have just been primed and our painter insists the only way for them to look good is with oil based. I personally think he inhales too much paint fume already and doesn't always think clearly. I really just want this right and get so many differing opinions. Again TIA!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Yes, Cabinet Coat will work well over a primer. Make sure the primer is sanded smooth and wiped clean before painting.

Those alkyd guys will wake up when alkyd paints are no longer available, which won't be long. Did he explain to you that white oil based paints turn yellow when used indoors?


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LOL Country!!
"...inhales too much paint fume..."
I about fell outta my chair there!!

As Michael wisely states, the primer should be sanded smooth and de-dusted.
If you have a lightly sanded primer-coat(s), your topcoats will look that much smoother...

Think of Porsche Auto-body work here...priming/sanding...more primer/sanding...MORE prim......THEN the paint finally gets to hit the car!
A good primer foundation lets the paints gloss develope in the outer YOU see a completely even gloss-level.

Alkyds/Oils had their day. They are now officially dinosaurs.


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One more question for all you paint experts.... if you use this "Cabinet Coat" can you easily make a repair to the paint if you should be so unlucky as to get a ding in your cabinetry. With many children still living at home this is a possibility. We have used Acrinamel (sp) for our current home and find when we try and make a repair the paint does not sand well thus making easy home repairs a little more work. I am hoping this " Cabinet Coat" is the right choice. I really have no problem not using oil and am glad to hear the backup. Thanks.

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I started painting my ugly 70's dark veneered cabinets. Sanded, primed, sanded, painted using a SW gloss paint. I had to accept the fact this project is going to take me forever to finish. I'm having a painter come in to do the work.

He pretty much said what has previously been posted. We'll be going with Muralo Ultra and he strongly recommeded against using an oil base paint especially in white. My color isn't a white, it was good to read the same opinions here. Thanks.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Yes. Cabinet Coat sands easily after cured.


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As usual with anything I do I like to research to the nth degree. I am now reading on another post where some of you have given your wise advice, that SW Pro-Classic and Duration are also good options. Of these products plus Cabinet Coat which is the best and will give me the results I desire? I will be taking all this info and giving it to my painter and letting him know it is my choice not his. He will most assuredly have one of his temperamental little hissy fits, but after all who is writing out his check?
(btw- just wondering if oil is less expensive, curious if thats the reason he is so set on oil).

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Lori A. Sawaya

Temperamental hissy fits from painters. Totally understand.

Stand your ground. Not all painters are color nor paint experts.

It's not always about what's cheaper. Although sometimes it is. Volume of one brand is often the driving force behind inflexibility. Worked with one painter in particular and everything had to be SW. SW was the best product, service, blah, blah, blah. SW is a good product, I would agree. But it wasn't a good fit for this particular client/job. Major struggle to move the guy off his SW addiction. Not a week later I got SW's painting contractor's publication and this guy is on the back cover -- poster boy for hi-volume sales of SW paint. Now, it all made sense. I cut into the number of gallons he could push for SW for that month. He wasn't happy.

It is prudent to assume that if the painter pushes too hard and is totally inflexible that there's something more on his agenda. Be it volume sales for his chosen paint company, fear of trying something new, inability to stay current or a limited skill-set which means limited products. Can't always tell for certain from the beginning, but if the push back on not using oil is too strong, that's a big red flag and probably indicative of other issues.

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