Can jarred salsa be frozen?

socksOctober 11, 2009

A certain member of the family went to Costco and bought a 65-oz. jar of salsa. Since we're not planning on having a party, I was wondering if it could be frozen in batches and used up that way.

The texture would probably be affected. Maybe it could be used in chili.

What do you think?

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Of course!
I wouldn't freeze it in the jars as it might expand and break the jar.
64 oz? that's only half a gallon! LOL!
Linda C

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I'm sure it will be fine frozen in smaller batches, especially if you vacuum sealed it in canning jars. Just be sure to allow head space for expansion. The bags should be fine as well.

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I freeze the store bought salsa sometimes if there's some left in the fridge and I have to go away on vacation. I use it in lots of saucey things, like enchiladas, heuvos rancheros, and chili. The storebought kind is usually so thick that it isn't much affected by freezing. I often have to freeze it since I like to buy the economy size but can't eat it up on my own that fast. I used to can it up in the small jars tailor made for just me, but haven't been able to manage canning for the past two years, sadly.

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I make home made (which I partially cook) and freeze it. We still like it for tacos and chips, etc.

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I agree, it's fine to freeze it, either in containers or in freezer bags so it would lie flat.

The consistency may be a bit thinner, but the flavor should not be affected.


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You can freeze in small containers, then pop the salsa out and put all of them in a ziploc.
When ready to thaw some, put it back in the container you originally froze it in (it fits perfectly!! LOL).
That way you don't have to use up all your containers.


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Thanks for all the good ideas! Hate to waste, but that's more than 2 people can eat up fast enough.

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