Parents of children with Cerebral Palsy

simply_sheliaApril 3, 2003

Are there any parents who have children with this condition?

I am doing research on it but I would like input from parents who have dealt with it first hand. MY son will be 6 yrs old tomorrow and we were told last week that he has cerebral palsy due to the stroke he suffered connected with a heart condition.

I would just like to know what to expect on a day to day basis and developmentally.My sons case seems to be mild but we were told that more than likely it will progress overtime.There are things that we have observed for several yrs that we connected with the stroke(not swallowing food,stumbleing and falling,inability to control bowel function,not complaining of pain when we felt he should have)just to mention the most noticeable ones.If you have any tips for a parent just learning about this please let me hear from you.Thanks so much.

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I hope your little guy is doing great! I do not have any kids with CP but wanted to urge you to check out the forums at you may get more response there! Bravo to you for doing research and knowing as much as you can about the challeneges he will face. I grew up with a wonderful guy who has CP.

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Oh, thank you so much Skatiero!I was beginning to feel alone in this.I will definitely check that site out.Bless you!

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I read your member page, and I have a 5 yr old boy, too. (I also have a dughter who turned 4 this week, and boys ages 2 1/2 years, and 3 months.) I went to and put in "rasing a child with cerebral palsy" (in quotes) and found tons and tons of info! There are apparently a lot of books and online support groups. I saw in your member page that your little guy has asthma, too. My son does as well. Keep up the good work on helping your son manage his challenges! It sounds like he has a fabulous support system at home! I am envious of your farm life-- we live inside the city limits of the 16th largest city in the USA (I just know that because it is on the signs!) Louisville, KY. I do love Louisville, but I would sure love to be out in the country again someday.

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Thanks for the info and words of support.It sounds like you have your hands full as well.It's hard sometimes.It feels like there is noone else that understands.Thanks again just knowing I'm not alone helps so much.

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I have a son with autism( hes 5), and I know how you feel. I encourage you to check out some online support groups..
definitely go to the UCP website
Also, you may want to check out babycenter or the community section under bulletin boards. I am pretty sure there is one for parents of kids with CP.
My best advice is to be your child's advocate and champion. Aim high for goals that you want him to accomplish, then work hard to help him reach them. If you have low expections, you will get low outcomes...but if oyu dream and aim high, well you will be amazed at what can be accomplished. I wish you the best of luck in your journey with your son, they have so many years ahead of them, and I am hopeful that they will be filled with joy.

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