Help with Paideia educational program?

rob333April 8, 2005

We're trying to figure out where and which type of school will best fit my son. We're being offered a place to live across from this type of school. New to me. I see very little on the internet. A mission statement or two tells me their framework centers around teaching the students to be responsible citizens who strive for life long learning. Sounds good. Any experiences, horror stories, etc? Anything is appreciated.



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Do want a more conservative or a more liberal education for your child? From what I gather, this is more liberal.

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Thanks for answering Houseful. Actually, from what I can gather it's less liberal than Montessori, but more liberal than traditional, i.e. a middle of the road. But it'll be ok either way on that ground, as I grew up the daughter of a Naval officer and a free spirit, both sides show up in our house. Mostly wanted to know what it's like from an insiders point of view.

The curriculum is probably not widespread enough to have anyone here, but it was worth a shot!

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