Graduation gift

ninosApril 29, 2007

My niece on my husband side wil be graduating high school. Im not sure what dollar amount to give. When i asked my friends what they recieved many years ago,thier responces really varied. Some received nothing and some received $50. I remember getting about $200 from my aunt and uncle. What is the appropriate amount? Also, what is the appropriate amount for college grad?

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My kids got aprox $20-$25 from their Aunts and Uncles...depends on how close you are, how much you can afford to give. That amount was the usual they received. (graduates in 1999, 2003 and 2005)


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I would think $50 for high school would be fine. But, as vickey mentioned it really depends on how close and what you can afford. $10 may be a generous/affordable gift for some to give whereas others may be easily able to give $250.

I have noticed that the childless relatives often tend to give a little more. It just really depends on your specific circumstances. I might do a little more for college (maybe even $100); then again if you have like 10 nieces graduating soon that could get really high.

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