Potty Training Books

christy2828April 9, 2007

Can anyone reccommend some Potty Training books? Videos? Thanks for any suggestions :) Christy

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What is the age of your child? And have you tried any methods yet?

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She's 18 months, and I haven't tried much , yet. I've bought a potty, and she sits on it anytime we go to the bathroom. Today was the first time she sat bare-bottom. She doesn't care whatsoever if she is wet or dirty, so I'm trying to make her more aware. I plan on hitting the library and looking for instructional books on where to get started, was hoping someone might have a suggestion for me :) Christy

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Well I did go to the library and found one book in particular that I like. It is called Diaper~Free Before 3. Written by Jill M. Lekovic, M.D. I find it very imformative and instructional, so if anyone is wanting to find a book about potty training, this is my recommendation. Also, it says you can start as early as 6 months old. :) Christy

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We started potty training our daughter at 17 months. We tried to make it fun and not put too much pressure on her. We found books were very helpful. We had two books about potty training, but we also read other books to her while she was on the potty. At the very early learning stage it helped her to stay on the potty long enough and relax so she'd go peepee. She quickly understood the concept, but it took her a little while to always make it to the potty in time. Now she is 33 months and for about two months she even sleeps without pullups at night. She has occasional accidents, but that's either at night or when she is too distracted. I glad that she is doing so good.

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When my DD was training, I wrote a little picture book, myself. She helped me.

I drew pictures of her favourite toys and had simple wording.

Its was very funny and a lot of fun doing it. It was nice for her to be in the story, too.

My technique was to start how I meant to go on. From day one, use the potty and dont look back. It worked well. I did stay home for about a week, making sure she understood what was going on, then short trips to shops and public toilets. I did not want to confuse her by putting on a diaper sometimes, and taking it off at other times.

It was summer, also, so she wandered around bare bottomed all day. It was really a lovely time, looking back, we spent time in the garden, took the potty outside.

I also, started with giving her a small sweet as a reward, so she was very keen to get going.

She was close to 2 when I did all that.

She is now 20...oh dear...how the years fly past.
Enjoy your special time with your little one.


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