Paint the ceiling the same color?

Deuce911March 15, 2011

I'm looking to paint the walls in my BR in a BM Gray Wisp. I'm contemplating on painting the ceiling in the same color, since I have crown moulding throughout the room. I'm a little reluctant to do it, since I've never painted the ceiling other than in a white. Has anyone tried this?

Pictures would help tremendously.

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I have always painted the ceilings white too. But, for the first time I am getting bold and will paint the dining room ceiling a light shade of gold to harmonize with the new area rug. The painted walls will be a very light green grey. I'll let you know how it looks, if the painter ever arrives and starts the job!
Good luck to the both of us.

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Go for it! Thanks to these forums I have all my ceilings painted something other than white. I have one of my bathrooms done in BM Affinity color Wish, which is gray. I did the ceiling in an Affinity color called Constellation. I have that color on ceiling in 4 rooms. Another room I did do the same color as the walls. In the dining room I even put a darker co;or on the ceiling. I think your room will look nice. You could even do 50% strength of Gray Wisp.

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Go for it. You will be surprised how the ceiling will appear to be a different color because of how the light hits it. It will make the crown molding look even better.

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Also if you do decide to paint the ceiling,be sure to use flat paint.

I used BM Ultra flat paint and had it mixed to the color I wanted.

If you are nervous about painting the ceiling, try it in a powder room since they're small.

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I always paint my ceilings with the same paint as the walls, whether neutral or bold. The only exception is my living room, which has a very pale blue ceiling and fawn walls. Not one of my very vocal friends nor family has ever commented on it looking noticable.

Graywings is correct in that the ceiling looks different than the walls depending on the light in the room.

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I had the old ceiling white for a long time. Then several years ago I painted the ceiling in one of our rooms the same color as the walls, with the ceiling being flat and the walls being eggshell. In other rooms, I used a 25% wall color, and 75% ceiling white mix. Both approaches are 100% better than ceiling white. And for molding, it's even better. I'll never go back to full ceiling white. Go for it.

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When picking a paint color (I am one of those people that paint rooms on the medium to dark side) I usually go with the lightest color on the sample card for my ceiling color. I also always use flat paint on my ceilings and eggshell on the walls.

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